Zurich Insurance Group has reduced gas consumption by 40% at its Tri Centre 2 offices in Swindon, according to initial indications, since retrofitting Remeha energy-saving condensing boilers.

Zurich, one of the world’s largest insurance groups and a member of Climate Wise, is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its business. Heating is a large user of energy in buildings with many offices still relying on dated commercial boiler plant. One of the key initiatives adopted by Zurich is to upgrade its older boilers to newer, more energy-efficient equipment.

Replacing ageing and inefficient boilers with condensing boilers, the most efficient of all boiler technologies, is widely acknowledged as a rapid solution to significant energy and emission savings.

At Zurich’s Tri Centre 2 offices in Swindon, heating was previously supplied by 12 ageing modular atmospheric boilers that were both inefficient and lacked effective control. Sodexo, who manage the offices, appointed R&S Building Services Engineers to carry out a feasibility study for the replacement of the boilers.

R&S’s study identified three key areas that would influence and define boiler selection.

Restricted access was the first concern due to the rooftop location of the plantroom. To reach the plantroom, the new boilers would need to be laid flat, as head room was extremely limited, manoeuvred up a flight of stairs and through a number of doors and access hatch. It was therefore essential to select a lightweight, compact model to enable easier boiler handling and positioning.

The second constraint was that the new boilers needed to connect into the existing high level low loss header arrangement.

The final consideration was the requirement to utilise the existing equipment plinths, to ensure a space efficient design could be achieved.

To overcome these challenges, R&S recommended high efficiency ultra-low NOx Remeha Gas 220 Ace condensing boilers. Four Gas 220 Ace 250 models were installed to meet the heat demand throughout the building, providing both heating and domestic hot water.

Dan Yiend, Director at R&S Building Services Engineers, explained the reasons for the selection: “The Remeha Gas 220 Ace boilers have a compact design with top connections for both gas and heating flow and return. This met our requirements and made connections into the existing high level pipe work far easier. The slim design of the boilers and the fact that they could be laid flat on their side was a real benefit when manoeuvring the equipment from ground level to the plantroom at level 8”. 

In keeping with Zurich’s environmental commitments, the Gas 220 Ace is engineered to meet high efficiency, ultra-low NOx criteria.

Dan commented: “The boilers’ ability to modulate from between 100% down to 18% using their own on-board control system means that they can achieve optimum levels of control in an energy-efficient way.”

To maximise system performance at Tri Centre 2, each boiler has been provided with a motorised valve on the LTHW return. This minimises standing losses on any inactive boiler when the heating demand is minimal or only domestic hot water demand is required.

The project went well, with the compact dimensions of the Remeha boilers enabling R&S to achieve a neat refurbishment that included installing new pumps, heat exchanger and pressurisation equipment.

Dan added: “The finished installation proved to be extremely space efficient, enhancing the appearance of the plantroom and providing the Client with an installation that will be efficient and easily inspected and maintained in the future.

“With the Gas 220 Ace boilers now commissioned and in full operation, Zurich can expect an improved energy-efficient system with reduced CO2 and NOx levels. Early indications based on gas consumption show savings in the order of 40%.”

Zurich commented: “Having successfully reduced our carbon footprint per employee by 10% across the Group between 2007 and 2013, we have set ourselves a new target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2020. Hopefully the energy-saving operation of the Gas 220 Ace boilers will help us move a step or two closer towards that goal.”

Chris Meir, Sales Director at Remeha added: “Before designing the Gas 220 Ace, we carried out extensive market research to understand our customers’ current and future needs from boilers. The Gas 220 Ace meets the identified demand for higher output floor-standing boilers as well as the need for a reduced footprint to overcome restricted plantroom space and improved access for servicing. But, as you’d expect from Remeha, this advanced boiler has also been engineered to meet high efficiency, ultra-low NOx criteria. We’re delighted to have played a part in reducing gas consumption for Zurich at their Tri Centre 2 Building.”

The Remeha Gas 220 Ace is a finalist in the H&V News Awards 2018 Commercial HVAC Product of the Year – Heating Units. The series is available in 160kW, 200kW, 250kW and 300kW outputs with cascade options up to 2,400kW.

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