Leading automation manufacturer, WEG, has developed the new EcoDrive app tallow engineers to calculate the efficiency of their system be it a variable speed drive (VSD), motor or a combination. The app is a crucial tool for engineers hoping to calculate and optimise their system efficiency. WEG EcoDrive is available for a free download, which can be accessed via the App Store and Google Play.

Last year the European Union made changes to its ecodesign legislation for electric motors. From July 1, 2021, it became mandatory to meet the minimum IE3 energy efficiency levels for three-phase electric motors (from 0.75kW to 1000 kW), and VSDshaving their own efficiency levels of IE2.

In light of this, WEG has developed an EcoDrive app to ensure engineers are in line of the new legislation, allowing them to check their system’s overall performance through the operating points — right at their fingertips.

The app automatically calculates the eight operating points of the VSD and of the system and provides the ability to check the efficiency class of the motor. From this, it is easy to know if the equipment is at optimal performance level and whether it meets the latest energy consumption requirements.

Our app helps to demonstrate the efficiency and losses of WEG inverters and motors in accordance with IEC61800-9-1 and IEC 61800-9-2,” says Marek Lukaszczyk, marketing manager for Europe and Middle East at WEG. “Due to the continuous rise in energy consumption in industry, avoiding energy waste is crucial for sustainable consumption.

As of last year, VSDs are included within the new legislation remit. The regulations regulate the efficiency of VSDs by subjecting them to information requirements such as energy efficiency at different load points, in terms of speed and torque. WEG has a complete line of VSDs that exceed the requirements established by the new directive, and when combined with our robust and reliable motor line, our VSDs create a synergetic and integrated solution for all applications.”

To download WEGs EcoDrive app for free, visit the App Store and Google Play.