Merseyside’s local economy received a boost last month as operations started on a new residual waste contract between leading UK waste management company Viridor and Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority (MRWA).

The new contract ensures that 20,000 tonnes of waste will be diverted away from landfill in a short-term partnership that brings immediate environmental and economic benefits for Merseyside. After pre-treatment into a fuel, the waste will be transformed into renewable energy at Viridor’s Runcorn Energy Recovery Facility (ERF).

Viridor has partnered with local recycling and waste services business, WSR Recycling Ltd. to deliver wider benefits to the Merseyside area. WSR will be responsible for pre-treatment of the left over residual waste (waste which cannot be recycled by householders) at their Widnes base, including some extraction of any remaining valuable recyclables such as metals and the production of Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF), a processed fuel which is produced from shredding and sorting of solid waste.

Once prepared, the fuel will be transported on modern bulk haulage vehicles which minimise the number of road movements to Viridor’s Runcorn ERF which provides renewable energy in the form of electricity and heat into the adjacent INEOS Chlor site. Runcorn ERF can handle up to 850,000 tonnes of RDF a year, making it one of the largest facilities of its kind in Europe.

This collaboration with local business underlines Viridor’s commitment to investing in the local economy by supporting authentic regional supply chains. Through the contract, MRWA will achieve improved landfill diversion performance and greater economic efficiencies than previous landfill disposal.

Viridor is a proud investor in the short-term contact with the MRWA. The contract, which began on 1 July 2015, will run for an initial term of nine months until 31 March 2016, with the option of a further six month extension to provide interim services until their long term RRC contract comes on line. Viridor was chosen as a preferred bidder on the basis of improved cost and environmental impact.

Alex Murray, Director of Operations for the MRWA, said:

“We are pleased to have established a waste solution which provides greater environmental benefits to the local community such as landfill diversion and that offers a reduced cost to the residents of Merseyside.”

Richard Jenkins, Viridor’s Regional Managing Director, added:

“Viridor is delighted to be working in partnership with the Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority to deliver a locally-led waste solution that brings both economic and environmental benefits to Merseyside. This new partnership will result in more waste being diverted from landfill, sending RDF to Runcorn ERF, which provides renewable electricity and heat to the adjacent INEOS Chlor site.”