Control valve expert Severn Unival is unveiling ambitious plans to grow aftermarket activity in the power, industry and water sectors over the next three years. It has identified an opportunity to increase its presence in this area by 70 per cent.

The firm believes there are significant prospects for its advanced engineering services, with the power industry offering immediate possibilities. Recent market activity and conglomeration in the sector is leading to a surge in multi-site asset management initiatives. This is unlocking potential for sophisticated intelligence-led strategies to optimise performance of valve populations, with multiple benefits for the end-users.

Factors such as commonality between sites, better materials management and potential service exchange programs offer opportunities for an enhanced approach. This can have a considerable impact on lead times for parts and replacement valves, which is hugely advantageous during time-critical maintenance shutdowns.

Severn Unival provides total valve care, covering both mechanical repair and actuation, which reduces the number of contractors or disciplines required onsite during maintenance. Benefits of this include improved efficiency and reduced risk in terms of health and safety.

The long-term goal of intelligence-led valve management and maintenance is to instigate a virtuous cycle where the root causes of problems are addressed to optimise operations over time. This is Severn Unival’s core strength and the firm draws on more than 30 years of proven experience in control valve engineering to deliver tangible performance improvements.

The firm has appointed Andrew Davidson as a dedicated aftermarket sales manager for the UK power, industry and water sectors. He says that Severn Unival’s technical capabilities as an OEM manufacturer and provider of maintenance solutions means it is poised to corner the market.

Maintaining performance is not enough for Severn Unival, we offer superior technical expertise to significantly enhance performance,” Davidson explains. “What’s more, our customers can work with us in confidence, knowing that they are reducing financial, operational and safety risks.”

Severn Unival