The new Freestyle ABD Linear from Gamma Illumination is a cost effective and energy efficient LED replacement for existing T5 and T8 fluorescent fittings.
The ABD is energy efficient and hassle free and is suitable for waiting rooms, offices, lobbies, corridors, reception areas and leisure facilities.  Powered by the Tridonic LLE module and Talexx Converter, for optimum efficacy, the ABD is a professional surface mounted luminaire with a contemporary look, specially designed to cover ceiling damage left by previous fittings.
Not only does it come with the usual benefits associated with LED, such as low energy consumption, increased light output and minimal maintenance costs, the ABD also offers additional features to maximise energy savings during use.  The luminaire has an extra-long life of 50,000 hours (L70) compared to the typical 8,000 hours provided by traditional fluorescent light sources and its energy usage can be further reduced with its smart sensor and dimming options.   It also offers an unobtrusive integrated emergency option for added peace of mind.
Aesthetically pleasing, it is ideal for ambient lighting and features a highly efficient opal acrylic diffuser which minimises glare and LED spotting to provide uniform and consistent illumination.