Cofely, a GDF SUEZ company, has launched Project CarbonZero, a new initiative designed to help industrial companies reduce their energy consumption, energy costs and carbon emissions.

Delivered through the company’s Industrial Energy Services (IES) division, CarbonZero comprises a programme of actions tailored to the specific requirements of each facility.

At the heart of Project CarbonZero is a three-phase process that reduces overall energy consumption, meets as much of the remaining demand as possible through on-site low or zero carbon energy generation and provides additional low carbon energy through GDF SUEZ, as required.

“There is no shortage of advice on how to reduce energy consumption but what makes our CarbonZero programme stand out from the crowd is that it is a ‘closed loop’ process,” explained Cofely IES managing director Paul Rawson. “This means that we don’t just complete a report to tell customers what needs to be done, we also do it for them, measure the results and report back. We even finance projects – enabling UK industry to focus on their production whilst Cofely guarantees savings of both carbon emissions and cost.

“Crucially, it also incorporates a philosophy of continuous improvement through our Optimise service, ensuring that ongoing energy savings are achieved through the duration of the contract. This is achieved through a cyclical process that continually re-evaluates energy usage, adapts energy management procedures to any changes within the customer’s business and, where appropriate, introduces additional low carbon technologies.”