Duncan Everett, managing director of Optimal Monitoring, a carbon monitoring software provider, has insisted that it is time for government to re-think its approach to carbon legislation and finally stick to the initiatives it puts in place.

He commented, “There are numerous carbon targets for businesses, however, the government is continually changing and adapting them, making it increasingly difficult for businesses to know where they stand.

“A prime example is the CRC scheme which hadn’t even lasted untouched for a year before the conditions were changed, resulting in those who had invested in smart meters not receiving the repayment initially promised.

“The structure of the CRC scheme in itself is also flawed, rewarding those who have improved since its introduction, but not recognising those who already had measures in place. Furthermore, its reward structure encourages businesses to do nothing until the end of the final year of phase one and only then make changes, as they are measured and rewarded only on the basis of their final year performance. Hardly conducive to genuine change and improvement.

“Isn’t it about time we started rewarding those who actually take action? The basis is already there in the Display Energy Certificate (DEC) measurement. Surely reducing consumption is better for UK business in terms not only of their bottom line costs, but also the supply infrastructure as it struggles to keep up with demand and suffers from increasing costs. Such measures will naturally result in an overall reduction in CO2, not just in electricity generation.”