Schneider Electric has recently launched the third edition of Go Green in the City, its international competition focused on developing innovative energy solutions for smarter cities.

Over the past two years, more than 1,050 teams representing 2,100 candidates from nine countries (Germany, France, Turkey, Poland, US, India, China, Russia and Brazil) participated in the competition. This success shows the global attractiveness of Schneider Electric to a young and increasingly female audience, and their growing interest and involvement in energy issues all over the world.

Encouraged by the success of the two previous editions of Go Green in the City, Schneider Electric decided to open the challenge to ten more countries, thus bringing the total number of countries covered by this 2013 edition to 19. The new countries will include Mexico, Canada, as well as eight countries from the East Asia region (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Korea and Taiwan).

“By opening Go Green in the City to ten more countries, Schneider Electric wants to respond to the growing concern students show for energy issues and raise awareness of the challenges facing the energy sector in both mature and new economies,” said Karen Ferguson, executive vice president, Global Human Resources at Schneider Electric.

Go Green in the City aims to give a better understanding of the global energy challenge and to create a strong bond with the young and emerging talents throughout the world, and the future core players of tomorrow’s energy market.

It is open to 190 universities in 19 countries. In teams of two, at least one of which should be a woman, students are encouraged to come up with viable solutions for energy management. The students apply by sending in a pitch of their idea by 3rd March 2013.

The best proposals should reconcile increased demand for energy, social progress and environmental protection. After a first selection of the 100 most interesting projects in April 2013, the students will have five weeks to develop their idea with the help of a Schneider Electric mentor assigned to them.

After a final selection process, 25 finalist teams will be invited to Paris to present final project to a jury composed of Schneider Electric managers. The two members of the winning team will be offered a job to start their career with Schneider Electric. They will also have the opportunity to visit Schneider Electric facilities in different parts of the world and meet fellow employees, as well as being exposed to senior leaders.