Phil Foster, CEO of Love Energy Savings shares his top tips on keeping home and small business energy bills lower this summer.

With the cost-of-living crisis still hitting households and businesses across the nation, taking the opportunity to save energy this summer should be at the top of everyones priority list. Temperatures are only rising from here on out so having tips on how to save energy is going to be key!

To help you save this summer, here are my top four energy saving tips to keep the bills down over the warmer months:

Keep windows closed

Many people have the first impulse of cracking open a window as buildings get exasperatingly warm. However, the act of opening the window actually makes matters worse as it allows for more hot air to enter.

It’s best to use blinds and curtains to block direct sunlight and then open the windows at night when temperatures drop. This allows for colder air to enter and spread throughout the building, ultimately helping you to save energy by reducing the need for power-hungry devices like air conditioning units and fans.

Use fans wisely

With temperatures rising, the use of fans also tends to increase, pushing up your bills. It’s not the case that you should stop using fans all together, but using them strategically will help to drive down your costs.

Putting fans at floor level helps to circulate cold air as opposed to the warmer air that naturally rises up in a room. You can also create the ideal combination for energy saving by pairing smart fan usage with closed windows, keeping the fans working during the day and the windows open at night.

Overall, summer is an ideal time to efficiently save energy as we spend less time inside and are less reliant on appliances. These quick tips are easy changes that people can make day to day to save money now and in the future.

LED lights

When thinking about saving energy, choosing the correct light bulb plays a bigger role than you might think. LED lights are known for using a small amount of energy and emitting a low level of heat, making them ideal for energy-conscious home and business owners.

Installing LED lights can further save on your overall bills as they’re manufactured to last longer compared to the standard incandescent bulbs. Summertime itself also contributes to lower bills as the sun stays out for longer periods of time, so the need for lighting is reduced – but installing LED lights will allow you to take this even further.

Get smart devices fitted

Small businesses and households can both benefit from smart devices. Smart thermostats and meters inform you of your energy use and help you understand your bills. Seeing how much energy is being used can often be a catalyst for saving.

It’s important to get accurate meter readings so you only get charged with the energy you use and smart devices can assist with that.