Daintree Networks is supporting Global ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) Day by sharing the findings of its survey, which was distributed to building owners, managers and other industry professionals. The survey was created to gain insight into the awareness around the ‘Enterprise Internet of Things’ (E-IoT) and today’s building automation technologies for smart buildings.
One of the key findings of the survey was that smart buildings are the core application for the IoT in an enterprise. This is a clear sign that open standards-driven solutions like Daintree Networks’ ControlScope are going to help bridge the gap between Operations and IT groups. IT executives will have to work closely with facility executives to maximise the potential of the IoT.
Global IoT Day, April 9, was initiated in 2011 by IoT Council and Postscapes to encourage everyone interested in the IoT to engage in meaningful conversations about technologies and its great potential for every industry. Support for this day has grown in scale and scope to match the growing interest in the IoT.
Mandeep Khera, Daintree Networks vice president, Marketing and Channels explained, “The IoT survey contains some valuable insights for the building automation industry. For example, last year our survey reported that 41 percent of respondents were not familiar with the term IoT. This survey shows a drop to 17% and a growing awareness for the term. Also of note is that 84 percent felt it was important to improve operational efficiencies through the integration of the Enterprise Internet of Things. In addition, the survey validated Daintree Networks’ continued belief that open standards-driven solutions, such as ours, enable the ability to future proof an investment in IoT for smart buildings with 80% of respondents agreeing.”
To download the full survey report, please click here: