The ability of Stokvis Energy Systems to meet the needs of its clients where custom built, high specification solutions are required for centralised and other heating systems, has been clearly demonstrated on a high specification residential refit in the capital.

GPJ Consulting, located at Camborne in Cornwall, called on the services of Stokvis Energy Systems to supply a total of 32 bespoke heat interface units, to replace existing models serving separate apartments within the UNISON Building on London’s Euston Road.

Because the old interface units were installed within small cupboards accessible from the corridors, the dimensions of any replacement were strictly confined by the space available. The design for the new HIUs, therefore, had to take account not only of the heating system’s thermodynamic characteristics – with delivery being via underfloor heating circuits – but also the need to make all necessary connections from the front. Commissioning and future maintenance work also had to be considered.

Gareth Jones, the founder of GPJ Consulting commented: “Our company covers a wide range of sectors aside from commercial and residential – both here and in Europe – specialising in hydro energy and developing premises for bio-security research.

“We have used Stokvis Energy Systems for a lot of projects over the years and always get good service from the company, including design assistance where required. In the case of the UNISON building in London we had to have bespoke heat interface units produced to fit the service cupboards.  Stokvis came up with a good solution; and although there were some technical issues early on, they responded well in dealing with the problem.”

Stokvis Energy System’s H-Series heat interface units can be used on any type of communal or district heating system, which are becoming increasingly popular for tenanted properties as they avoid the need for multiple gas supplies, individual or shared flues and the challenge of carrying out  annual gas safety inspections. 

The manufacturer can also offer HIUs capable of delivering domestic hot water as well as heating from one unit (Econoplate H2), or direct heating and hot water (H1 Econoplate): both of which then free up the space which would have been required for a storage cylinder.

The reduced cost implications of confining most maintenance and inspections within a central plant room can be extended by introducing renewable technologies such as biomass, heat pumps, solar or CHP and offer the opportunity to connect into wider, communal schemes including waste heat from industry.

In all applications the Stokvis HIUs offer rapid response thanks to their high capacity plate heat exchangers, while the opportunity to add heat metering and automatic billing is often of further interest to social housing landlords.  Overall the H-series technology enables occupants to enjoy very controllable and comfortable living with increased energy efficiency.

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