SP Energy Networks has partnered with Scottish software developer Smarter Grid Solutions (SGS) to provide agile and innovative tools to transport locally produced renewable energy to areas with a higher demand.

The pioneering network of the future is now being delivered in South West Scotland where the new Active Network Management System will be integrated to the region’s electricity transmission and distribution networks. South West Scotland was selected due to the area’s rich natural resources supporting green energy generation and the limited local energy demand.

The project will provide an online monitoring and control platform that oversees the network and allows SP Energy Networks to manage the export of electricity from local generators to other areas of the country when it is not needed in Dumfries and Galloway. The SGS technology will enable SP Energy Networks to connect renewable energy to its networks and allow for increased security and flexibility of the supply.

The smart solution will introduce significant benefits for customers in the area including reducing energy costs and the time it takes to add new connections to the network – delivering on both local and national government net zero aspirations. The system will calculate in real time the level of spare capacity on the network, in turn reducing disconnections and better managing the network capacity which will enable more local low carbon generation connections to the electricity network.

Active Network Management is a key enabler in the transition to a more dynamic distribution network and that is why SP Energy Networks has partnered with Smarter Grid Solutions to deliver this project. The software developer is a world leader in Active Network Management with an international client base and has worked with SP Energy Networks over the last decade to implement smarter approaches to grid integration of new and clean energy sources.

Scott Mathieson, Director of Network Planning and Regulation at SP Energy Networks, said: “At SP Energy Networks we are working every day to identify smarter, more agile ways to manage our network. Through innovative projects like this, we can deliver a reliable and robust, sustainable electricity supply to our customers and communities both now and in the future.

“We’re currently putting the new system in place across Dumfries and Galloway. It has the potential to double the region’s export capacity and enable large amounts of new green energy to be generated in the local area. This is all focused on building a better future, quicker for our customers.”

Graham Ault, Executive Director at Smarter Grid Solutions, said: “We are delighted to be delivering our leading network and energy management software solution to SP Energy Networks. This system uses our advanced technology embedded within our products to unlock value which has already been proven with SP Energy Networks and our other network operating customers in the UK, Europe and North America.”

SP Energy Networks is committed to helping the country on its journey to recovery from the COVID-19 outbreak and a more sustainable future.

Green recovery and investment in renewable energy is at the heart of the country’s economic recovery, providing a driving force that will help drive forward towards net zero ambitions.