With an even greater soar in demand for smart meter installation just over the horizon, market leader Secure Meters has just opened its brand-new climate resilient industrial facility in India, in a bid to create a greener infrastructure around the production of the state-of the-art technology.

Multi-national electronics manufacturer Secure Meters has completed a new purpose-built industrial facility in Sanand, a city in the Indian state of Gujarat famed for automobile manufacture.  As smart meters are underpinning the transition to a greener energy system, both the architect and the client shared a vision on ensuring the manufacturing facilities captured this vision, and Secure Sanand has been designed to work around local environmental conditions and reduce energy consumption.

Designed by emerging Anglo-Indian architectural practice Studio Saar, Secure Sanand features cutting edge manufacturing facilities, light, ambient, open-plan workspaces, and a recreational hub for employees. The design includes a seasonal lake that fluctuates between one to three acres in size to allow for rainwater harvesting during the monsoon season, while solar panels generate up to 50% of the project’s energy demand. In a bid to contribute to reforestation for the region there are plans for 2,000 trees to be planted in the surrounding area.

Stats from Smart Energy GBshow that last year alone, three million households installed a smart meter, and with headlines claiming UK energy bills could rise by 50% in a national crisis, we wondered if this could be an interesting take on this story for your audience.