Clivet, the Italian company that since 1989 designs, manufactures, produces and sells heat pump systems for every possible application, launches Clivet Live, the new division for the residential sector

Bruno Bellò, founder and president of Clivet SpA, announces the birth of Clivet Live, the Clivet division that provides, in a highly specialized way, the comfort and energy saving needs to both new build and renovation projects.
The principles inspiring Clivet Live are summarized in the acronym that identifies the new division: LIVE.

Life: environmental safeguard for our children’s future
Innovation: passion and curiosity to guide innovation
Vision: technology and systems to assure comfort and efficiency
Energy: protagonist of the new energy era
Bruno Bellò explains the reasons for this investment: “In the last few years the residential heating, cooling and domestic hot water market has had to reinvent its products against a sea change of developments. The building envelope performance has become critical in design, bringing with it a revolution in domestic systems. Air renewal and purification has become central, Clivet has developed products and systems capable of saving energy and costs whilst still being able to exploit renewable energy sources. We have over 25 years’ experience and are an undoubtable leader in many segments of the commercial and industrial sectors.

Further confirmation of the change of course to benefit green technologies was announced in December 2015 at the COP21 Conference on Climate in Paris, with the commitment of the 187 countries being responsible for 95% of gas emissions, and to stop the global temperature rise under 1.5°C, reducing the need for fossil fuel use and its effects on the planet.

And with this change, Clivet has recognized the needs of a specialized partner, to which they can trust for choice, installation and maintenance of the whole system: the air renewal and purification system, the heat pump, the management and home automation system. This is the main reason why we decided to create a new division: to give peace of mind to our clients!”
Bellò continues. “The choice of the location was not accidental: the new division rises where 27 years ago we created Clivet to answer the changed needs of the air conditioning market, becoming pioneers with multi scroll technology and with systems dedicated to different applications. With the new division we want to be the reference for total and sustainable comfort in the residential sector.”
In order to fully answer the needs of the different types of houses, Clivet Live offers a wide range of solutions: from systems dedicated to Nearly Zero Energy individual houses, to medium and high energy consumption individual houses, to multi occupied apartments and flats with autonomous systems.
These include elements designed and manufactured to talk to each other, providing the maximum comfort, maximum energy saving and of course affordable renewable energy source.

The centrality of the air renewal and purification is recognized in every design, with units that control mechanical ventilation and recover the energy contained in the exhaust air, and thanks to heat pump technology, gives it back to rooms with the current requirement. This creates the perfect climate that in mid – season covers the heating and cooling needs and in the other seasons increases the efficiency of the heat pump and of the whole system.