The 3rd Annual ‘Subsea Integrity Conference’, hosted by DecomWorld is now confirmed to return to Houston on October 5th-6th 2015, and not only features an exciting line up of expert speakers; it is now being delivered by the all new Upstream Intelligence brand.
“Serving as Houston’s foremost subsea hub, there is no doubt this meeting will define the future trajectory of the subsea market as it overcomes oil price uncertainty,” explained Kerr Jeferies, senior industry analyst at Upstream Intelligence. Critical topics such as CPM data control, inspection strategies, brownfield IM and subsea standardisation will be covered in a revitalised format.
This includes a half-day workshop working with Jee’s specialist subsea engineering tutor to assess the critical tools and strategies you should deploy to secure the reliability of high-risk subsea systems and avoid resorting to high-cost interventions.
The Subsea Engineering Masterclass, evaluates the very latest tools, strategies and methodologies being used to remediate critical subsea system failures sessions and features case study insight from likes of Chevron, Transocean and others.
Interactive debates with keynote operator panels, such as the Brownfield IM Executive Panel chaired by Adriana Botto, VP SURF IM, Wood Group Kenny, will provide unprecedented insights from the GOM’s foremost subsea specialists.
“With a program shaped by the subsea industry, for the benefit of the subsea industry, we expect this year’s conference to be even more valuable than last year,” explained Kerr.
These hot topics can help attendees:
– Take control of data and transition to an ‘integrated’ CPM system which transforms data into automated analytics;
– Evaluate material performance requirements for high stress environments and understand how to effectively mitigate performance fatigue;
– Get the latest insights into JIP initiatives developing robust subsea trees, boosting separation systems for HTHP environments; &
– Reverse cost escalation by identifying opportunities to standardise or simplify technical specifications for new subsea equipment;
– Troubleshoot subsea equipment failures that will help to map out gaps in today’s subsea solutions market affecting power, corrosion/vibration, FA, CPM sensor networks, interventions and more.
This conference is drawing a more diverse audience than ever before with more than 200 operators, contractors and service providers expected. Chevron, Shell, Hess, Wood Group, Aker Solutions, Clarus Integrity and others will lead the industry’s drive towards a proactive and robust subsea integrity strategy, have already confirmed their participation. With 39 major subsea construction contracts agreed in the first quarter of 2015, Upstream Intelligence spoke with Quest Offshore Resources to get their exclusive take on the factors driving investment in subsea infrastructures this year.
Extensive insights and white papers will be released ahead of the conference. Don’t miss out on the exclusive list of all on-site workshops, training and closed seminars which have been designed to provide first class opportunities to quiz and engage with the subsea industry’s most elite specialists.
“Why not pre-order your own brochure today? You’ll have access to all our exclusive papers, reports, interviews and infographics which will be sent straight to your inbox. This includes ‘The Growth Imperative: A Global Subsea Market Forecast to 2019’,” said Kerr.
This free paper enables attendees to:
– Understand the factors that make the subsea industry such a safe bet for investment in new technology and construction;
– Evaluate why lessons learned from Brazilian pre-salt developments are actually driving investment towards Mexico; &
– Receive an exclusive 2015-2019 forecast on subsea tree awards
Further information on the program, expert speaker line-up and more can be found at the SSIC 2015 website.