Redbridge Council has installed new water-saving toilets as part of its work to reduce its carbon footprint. A total of 45 water-saving units by Propelair, the UK designer and manufacturer of a 1.5l flush toilet, have been installed in Lynton House, Ilford.
Built in 1967 and opened the following year, the 13-storey, 40m tower in Ilford High Road is one of London’s early tall buildings and now accommodates key Council functions such as children services, human resources, finance services, highways and property services.
The toilets generate significant savings on water use in public and commercial buildings. There is the indirect benefit of reducing some energy use and therefore reduced embodied carbon through less water use. Using a sealed lid when flushing, the system improves hygiene by cutting airborne germs.
On-site pilot trial monitoring of three Propelair toilets indicated annual water savings of 243 cubic metres – or £529, with a reduced carbon footprint of 91Kg. As 45 units are installed, the savings are anticipated to be considerably more.
Propelair is experiencing interest from local authorities that are facing budgetary constraints and see water savings as a major route to reducing overheads.   One reason the installation proceeded smoothly was that Propelair can be retro-fitted to drainage systems, simply connecting pipes that are already in place.
Launched in 2013, Propelair is the result of five years’ research and independent testing at numerous prestigious technical facilities. Its toilets use 84% less water than ordinary toilets, cutting water bills by up to 60% – they also reduce the spread of germs by 95%, bringing potential healthcare and productivity benefits.
Garry Moore, CEO of Propelair, commented: “We have long said our toilet would bring major change to the UK facilities management sectors, particularly for those in charge of public sector property. Within two years of our launch, that process is in train.
“The Lynton House project for Redbridge is our second major local government order and we’re especially proud that it’s our first complete building installation.”
Designed and manufactured in the UK with patented POWA™ displaced air technology, Propelair produces a powerful, high-performance flush using 1.5l of water compared to an average nine, and requires a fraction of the energy usually needed for water and waste processing, reducing carbon footprint by an average 80%.
Created to fit to existing drainage systems with minimal disruption during simple, low-cost installation, Propelair offers significant space savings. It also improves hygiene by suppressing aerosol contamination, contributing to a healthy environment for staff and other building users.