Daikin Applied (UK) has launched a new ‘plug and play’ air handling unit – the D-AHU Modular – which keeps costs down by improving efficiency through heat recovery and reduced ecological impact. The highly efficient, quiet and intelligently-controlled air handling solution is a perfect climate control solution for offices, schools and colleges, hotels and leisure centres.
The D-AHU Modular is the latest addition to Daikin Applied UK’s D-AHU series and whilst having a small physical footprint suitable for indoor and outdoor application, it has the capability to salvage precious energy from the exhaust air stream and re-use it to heat intake air, thus improving energy efficiency.
The new unit features include an operating range of -25°C (-40°C with electric heaters) to +43°C, building management system for temperature, air quality and humidity controls, EC fan technology with IE4 motor efficiency level for low power consumption, and smooth internal surfaces with a special noise reduction laminar straightener (NRLS).
With air flow from 500 to 25,000m3/h, this unit can be used alongside Daikin Applied UK chillers, fan coil units or DX units, VRV systems and inverter condensing units. The AHUs’ pre-defined sizes enable prompt specification and commissioning to meet space requirements and deliver a most efficient solution.
To speed up the commissioning process and give end-users access to their new systems’ benefits almost immediately, Daikin Applied UK’s unique ‘plug and play’ controls allow air flow and time settings to be pre-programmed into the user-friendly controller before delivery. The controller is linked to the air handling unit’s highly efficient EC fans, managing and displaying real time information about unit operating data such as air flow, temperatures and CO2 levels.
All D-AHU Modular units are fully compatible with the Daikin intelligent Touch Manager (iTM), the user-friendly interface that displays the control of various set points. Daikin’s iTM acts as a mini building management system with which users can easily deliver and monitor energy-efficient climate control throughout the building, room by room. The system also integrates with monitoring and control of all Daikin equipment, as well as other third party systems.
Whilst the initial outlay cost is an important factor in the overall investment of an air handling unit, a return on investment is rapidly achievable over the Modular series entire service lives. Standard energy-saving features such as economy mode, free cooling at night or for unoccupied rooms for example, all fully controlled by the highly flexible time scheduler, all deliver considerable overall savings.
The highly efficient and flexible D-AHU Modular solutions offer an excellent way for end-users to dramatically improve energy efficiency, lower CO2 emissions and save on energy bills, without compromising on comfort.