Commenting on today’s Queen’s speech, Anthony Ainsworth, COO at npower Business Solutions, said:

“There were two key announcements for business energy users in today’s State Opening of Parliament – the Energy Security Bill and the promise to establish the UK Infrastructure Bank in legislation to support economic growth and net zero.

“With no major updates to energy legislation in almost 10 years, the inclusion of the Energy Security Bill is a welcome announcement. While we will await to see the detail of the Bill, its focus on delivering the plans laid out in the recent British Energy Security Strategy to ensure a clean, secure and stable energy supply for the UK is undoubtedly a good thing.

“However, as we have said before, any new legislation also needs to include measures to help businesses now as well as in the future, by protecting them from future volatility. This could include policies that encourage businesses to reduce energy consumption through greater energy efficiency, or reforms to make it easier for them to become more self-sufficient by installing renewable on-site generation.

“While the Bill may help deliver the UK’s long term energy resiliency, it also needs to support businesses who are struggling right now.”