Propelair, the UK designer and manufacturer of the revolutionary 1.5 litre flush toilet, has been chosen by Minimise Water as the first product to be launched in its Minimise Water Sustainable Washroom range.
The Minimise Water Sustainable Washroom range brings together a carefully considered portfolio of innovative products designed to maximise commercial washroom performance in energy, water, cost and hygiene. Propelair, the launch product in the range, has reinvented the toilet to deliver one of the most water-efficient, economical and hygienic systems available. It uses 84% less water, reduces water bills by up to 60% and cuts the spread of germs by 95%.
Available from a single source, Minimise Water will provide design and finance consultancy services, as well as installation, commissioning, maintenance and compliance support, ensuring that washroom sustainability is not compromised over time.  
Designed and manufactured in the UK with patented POWA displaced air technology, Propelair produces a powerful, high-performance flush using 1.5 litres of water compared to an average nine, using 84% less water and cutting water bills by up to 60%. Requiring a fraction of the energy usually needed for water and waste processing, Propelair reduces carbon footprint by an average 80%.
Created to fit to existing drainage systems with minimal disruption during simple, low-cost installation, Propelair offers significant space savings. It also improves hygiene by suppressing aerosol contamination, contributing to a healthy environment for staff and other building users.
Minimise Water is part of the Minimise Group of sustainable companies. Minimise Group helps reduce energy and water consumption and maximise profitability through a wide range of energy efficiency, energy generation and water management products and services, consultative advice and financing options.