The range of Belgas pressure regulators and general gaseous control products are available in the UK from Marsh Bellofram Europe Ltd. These high performance products have a well established pedigree for applications in offshore oil and gas locations, and their diaphragm design is ideally suited for many other commercial and industrial applications. These can involve the low to medium volume supplies of non-liquid fuel, and process gasses including non-volatile or chemically hazardous but not corrosive media. Typical applications include gas boilers and engines, heaters, ovens, and other general gas burning products where the control of high and low pressure supply conditions are important to safely maintain production and process outputs. Further applications also occur at gas storage and distribution terminals, or wherever there is interconnecting distribution pipework, which can also include steam supplies for power generation, food processing, sterilising (cooking, autoclaves), industrial HVAC, textiles and paper making etc. The precise control of non-potable or waste water supplies for specialised manufacturing processes can also be accommodated.

Dependable and cost effective control solutions can be supplied for applications involving natural gas, LNG, Propane and Butane with developing potential for shale gas requirements in the production, storage and handling operations.

The Belgas products are available in a wide range of metals and port thread sizes, covering a broad spectrum of gaseous flow requirements (up to thousands of SCFH). The products are also supplied with a fully protective powder coated finish for durability, with optional materials utilised for diaphragms and valve seating elements to accommodate a wide range of media characteristics and pressure requirements.

Ease of installation has formed a major part of the design concepts for these products, which can be used as ‘drop-in’ replacements for other manufacturers equipment, very often realising appreciable savings on cost. They also have an established record covering many years of successful performance for instrumentation control at gas terminals, processing and pumping stations, and including boost compressor stations, pipelines and substations etc.

Inquiries would be welcomed from companies interested in operating as an agent/distributor for the Belgas range of products, with a Product Overview brochure also available on request.

Further information is available on request to:

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