Power Protection Solutions to ensure Power Continuity, fully installed for automatic 24/7 power is an absolute must for all mission critical business operations. Power Continuity takes power protection to the next level with NO Break Power Systems from Power Continuity that are fully resilient with N+1 or N+2 seamless emergency power to ensure your operations continue without interruption, through any catastrophic UK weather conditions.

PowerContinuity Power Protection solutions begin with a free site survey and then we support you, every step of the way along the journey to fully installed Power Continuity; it works when everything else fails.

With you for the journey

We design and build our own generators as well as install the whole operational system with our own engineers. Ground works, bespoke power rooms, containerised data centres in fact every component of the journey is handled by our own trained teams who together have over 25 years of ‘in the field’ front line experience, power protecting the biggest names in the UK.

Power Loss- What a nightmare

Even a sudden momentary voltage drop is a nightmare as it can take hours or days to re-set production systems. We can ensure seamless clean power to eliminate power surge spikes that ‘knock’ out software and robotics lines.
NO Break power protection solutions are Power Continuity Ltd.

It’ll never to happen to you—Really?

The National Grid says they are prepared for all eventualities and yet in August 2019 millions lost GRID power without warning. The next power outage will happen, it’s inventible in this world of uncertainties.
Your labour will be in vain, conservatively speaking, if you don’t have your own independent fully installed Power Protection system, you WILL see power loss. Brexit or not; Power is for the People !

Why live with the daily risk of ‘fingers crossed’, hoping GRID power is there.

Power Continuity Engineers will prevent power outage disruption forever.

by Installing a Power Continuity fully automatic, power protection solution

Once installed we will be able to eliminate ALL and ANY disruptions that are caused by random power dips, spasmodic brown outs ,over voltages and under voltages.

2020 – New Year’s Resolution

Power Continuity Ltd can ensure True NO Break Power Protection Solutions for your production facility, data centre, laboratory, aerospace facility, by designing a bespoke PowerContinuity System to protect A Feed & B Feeds. That’s just the start 2020 journey together. We’re there 24/7 for you. Engineers online to help 24/7, Peace of mind comes with Power Continuity.

100% Automatic Power Protection Systems for TRUE 24/7 Power Continuity. That’s why we are Power Continuity Ltd. Bespoke trademarked Power Continuity Generators & UPS systems that work every time.

For real 100% NO BREAK Power Protection Solutions call :-

We Design. We build. We Install. No excuses.
NO BREAK Power Continuity = Seamless Power

We are Power Continuity

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