Power Continuity designs and installs bespoke engineered automatic, no break power protection systems to ensure 100 per cent power loss prevention and supplementation. Ensuring that infrastructure is always operational 24/7, Power Continuity brings peace of mind.

Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) with generator installations up to ten megawatts are typical installations for Power Continuity.
Whether a battery based static UPS system, multiple UPS or DRUPS rotary fly wheel UPS, Power Continuity designs, installs, maintains and monitors installations all over the UK.
From hospital to banks, data centres to production facilities, Power Continuity gives 100 per cent protection – 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.
Power Continuity turns a concept into a 3D visualisation, ready for design sign off. Then the company proceeds to the build stages in preparation for the delivery and positioning on site, followed by the installation – all carried out by its own in house engineers.
Power Continuity protects power from spikes and losses – the company’s engineers operate everyday of the year, protecting some of the most well known companies in the UK.
Brexit and the backstop won’t change the fact that we need electrical power – and plenty more of it in the future – whilst the UK power generating capacity is decreasing.
This is where Power Continuity can help, with its automatic power protection systems, from concept to implementation.

We Design. We build. We Install. We Maintain.

NO BREAK Power Continuity = 100% Productivity

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