Up time isn’t just about total power outages, it includes power spikes and millisecond power dropouts. As the grid continues to expand it’s reliance on PV and wind turbine alternative energy, the percentage of consistent stable traditional power production decreases, leading to greater harmonic distortion. Hence the rapid increase in irregular power drops.

These millisecond drop outs are enough to turn servers off , stop production lines, render sterile systems inoperable. For Data Environments, where the load remains within fixed narrow range perimeters a traditional static UPS with batteries may well be the desired ‘type of choice’ for such sites. Although, when production involves heavy machinery, motor drives, inverters with a high charge and discharge range, the only truly resilient power continuity options are Rotary Flywheel Uninterruptible power supplies that are backed up by instantaneous rapid diesel generators.

PowerContinuity have designed and installed many such total site wide power protection systems across the UK. In fact we continue to service and maintain all our installed systems 24-7-365. Our own rapid response engineering team and tech support are on call 24 hours a day, ensuring that for our customers ; ‘failure is not an option’.

PowerContinuity is also at the forefront of the Energy Storage Roll out. Numerous active projects will be discussed, in future articles, once our clients allow us to go public. For now, we continue our fully automatic installations, non disclosed, for major customers confidentiality.

PowerContinuity are the only UK Company that installs complete, total sitewide, automatic power protection encompassing UPS and Generator on long term rental as well as lease contract.

Therefore no site has to live with the power risk. With our track record of up to 4 megawatt UPS & Generator Resilient installations your ‘grid risk’ is eliminated for good, when you choose PowerContinuity. And our service doesn’t stop there. We offer remote monitoring, fuel fill, load banking, fuel polishing, total design and installation all by carried out in house, PowerContinuity.

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