Power Continuity can ensure your production facility is totally resilient by designing & installing dual power protection supplies supporting as a minimum both your A & B mains feed incoming supplies. That’s just the start of your constant power journey.

Power Continuity Ltd will provide the design for N+N Uninterruptible Power supported by rapid start Synchronised Generators, with forever-capacity fuel tanks. Hope is NO substitute for GENUINE Power Continuity 24/7.

Had enough of outages, power dips and power spikes? Then Call Power Continuity.


PowerContinuity are at the forefront of emergency power and energy solution provision in the UK. We design and install automatic NO BREAK UPS solutions.
Production sites using heavy motor drives with fluctuating currents, need specialised UPS to handle the voltage surges. Rotary Fly UPS are robust for manufacturing sites that need total site power protection.


Power Continuity install more Rotary Fly Wheel UPS than any other company in the UK. We’re specialists in all types of UPS Power Protection systems.


Nothing protects better than automatic Backup Emergency Generators supporting large UPS to provide NO BREAK power TO YOUR WHOLE SITE.

When Power Continuity is your site main contractor then you’re assured of the very best practice at all times delivered within budget and ahead of Schedule. We install everything ourselves with our own field trained engineers.


Let Power Continuity engineers provide a FREE site survey to confirm the vulnerability status of your existing UPS solution, proving whether or not it’s robust enough to withstand repeated power disruption as well as complete Mains Failure outages.


Failure isn’t an option, because it’s inevitable that it WILL happen.

Why tolerate Power Dips & outages when Power Continuity can eliminate them?

These are most common electrical power risks to your business – that will happen: –

The most obvious are random mains failures- short and long outages.
LV breakers tripping out due to a power surge
HV Breakers tripping out due to faults up stream.
Aged UPS or wrongly spec’d UPS that let spikes or brownouts through.
Lack of maintenance or any up to date maintenance records.
NO provision to ride out power dips or spikes.
Power drops out and requires a manual re-boot in the middle of the night
A/C systems get kicked offline by a power spike
Our own engineering service & maintenance provide under one umbrella, Total Critical Infrastructure Power Protection packages that guarantee to cure your issue, forever.

Critical Infrastructure systems designed by Power Continuity include the designing and installing of Fire Suppression systems & Air Con Systems in conjunction with our NO BREAK Total Critical Infrastructure Power Protection package, all handled by ourselves as Main Contractor.


Power Continuity have decades of installations across the UK, all operating 24/7 power protecting the backbone of UK infrastructure. We do the same for you.
When Power Continuity is your site main contractor then you’re assured of the very best practice at all times delivered within budget and ahead of Schedule.
We install everything ourselves with our own field trained engineers.


Here is just a small selection that POWERCONTINUITY systems will prevent: –

Eliminate Power Dips – Yes these do happen regularly. Even momentary power dips can and will crash any robotic production line ‘out of sequence’ or breach sterile production lines. Re-setting takes time and money as well as the lost production. Power Continuity can stamp these out forever.

Eliminate Brown outs Yes, they do happen too, especially during the winter months and during HOT summers. These have the same impact as Power Dips. Double Whammy. Let Power Continuity stop them, once and for all.

Eliminate Over voltage & Under Voltage Yes, these just as bad as Power Dips & Brown Outs. Even momentary Over Voltage will knock out machinery, inverters and robots. Power Continuity will eliminate these too.

That in itself, is BEST PRACTICE for installing a prestige UPS solution,
but without understanding the precise status of your downstream connectivity, there’s still the risk of power failure.
Why? Because often Facilities Management don’t usually have complete service records of ‘aged’ UPS’s, switchgear & transformers. Constrained budgets  can mean that regular servicing is ignored completely. Recipe for disaster.


We’ll design your UPS CRITICAL POWER PROTECTION SOLUTIONS from the ground up. Complete installation 100% Automatic Power Protection Systems that offer REAL 24/7 Power Continuity. That’s why we are Power Continuity Ltd.
Bespoke trademarked Power Continuity Generators & UPS systems that work every time, every minute of every 24 hour day,365 days every year.

We Design. We build. We Install.
NO BREAK Power Continuity = 100% UP Time

We are Power Continuity

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