A range of skid-mounted heatless pressure swing adsorption (HPSA) dryers designed for compressed air/nitrogen applications can now be supplied by Hi-line Industries Ltd. These are manufactured in their Burton-on-Trent factory, to comply with EU engineering regulations with a standard range of these products offered on next-day delivery. Bespoke versions to suit specific applications can also be supplied to order, including private label dryers where required for OEM customers.

A total of 14 ex-stock products can be supplied covering flow capacities from 80 to 1400 scfm (136 to 2380 Nm3/h) when operating at standard up to 11Barg and 35°C process conditions. All dryers are offered as plug-and-play products, incorporating built-in filtration packages providing both pre and after process product filtration as standard. They also feature positively driven valves and full-flow non-return check valves, rather than the inferior ‘shuttle valves’ utilised on some manufacturers’ products.

Products in the HPSA range have been designed for long-life, fully automatic and trouble-free operation, utilising Dri-Zorb 27 desiccant media delivering constant low dewpoints of -20 to -40°C as standard, while only using the minimum possible amount of regeneration air. They incorporate programmable logic controllers featuring a digital control panel with LED display. Digital dewpoint display and dewpoint control can also be provided if required. Communication with most BMS systems and compressors for automatic stop/start or timed duty operation is also offered as standard. The process media maximum operating temperature is 50°C, within ambient temperatures of 4 – 50°C and a process media pressure range of 4 – 16 Barg. Power supplies of 230V/115V ac/50 – 60Hz, together with 24V dc or pneumatic operation can be accommodated with an approximate 100 W power consumption.

The pressure vessels are EU standard coded, with pressure gauges, silencers and IP65 protection and dryer safety valves also incorporated as standard. Optional features include Automatic Energy Management System (AEMS) with control air filter and providing digital dewpoint readout, high humidity alarm together with set and demand desiccant regeneration. A dewpoint minimum of -70°C can also be accommodated.

All Hi-line products are supported by a nationwide network of Hi-line trained engineers for the service and maintenance of air dryers of any manufacture, both adsorption and refrigeration.

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