Newey & Eyre has launched a brand new DALI network solution including an occupancy detector that automatically detects and configures DALI lighting ballasts, under the leading electrical wholesaler’s own brand, Newlec.

Giving installers access to some of the most advanced lighting control technology on the market, the new Newlec DALI network solution saves time on installation and setup and delivers maximum energy savings with just four elements

The installer simply wires the Part L compliant DALI luminaires, and uses the Newlec DALI multipurpose connection box to connect with the Newlec DALI power supply unit and DALI occupancy detector. For easy integration, the new Newlec DALI occupancy detector can automatically detect, address and configure DALI lighting ballasts already in place. The Newlec DALI remote control is one of the most versatile programming units in the market and can be used by installers to set up and commission a Newlec DALI system. And as it’s scalable, it means more devices can be added if required

Kevin Norman, senior product manager at Newey & Eyre comments: “With lighting accounting for one of the biggest users of energy in commercial buildings, it’s crucial for installers to get to grips with all of the ways that energy efficiency can be increased for their customers. And this is why we have developed the new Newlec DALI network solution giving electricians access to the latest technology on the market, which is quick to install and easy to set up, from a brand they trust.

“The combination of daylight harvesting, presence detection, corridor modes and room timing options means the new Newlec DALI range can deliver savings of up to 80 per cent on energy consumption, just from lighting alone. Which, in turn, can help end-users make those vital operational cost savings, but also leave businesses well placed to achieve the targets required by the Government’s fifth carbon budget.”

What’s more, designed to offer flexible installation, the DALI lighting control system can be used to cover a single luminaire or can be connected to other DALI devices to create a much larger system. The Newlec DALI network solution can be used to configure up to 64 ballasts or used as part of a much wider overall lighting strategy, connecting many hundreds of separate DALI systems on different floors of a building for example, forming them into a coherent building lighting control system.

Programming has also been made simple, with automatic default settings for broadcast mode, timing and daylight harvesting. Plus, only a single, easy to use handheld remote control is required to both operate and programme the Newlec DALI occupancy detectors. The remote can be used by the installer or systems integrator to programme the system, with specific hidden installer modes for the discovery of ballasts and programming of detectors. The dual purpose remote also allows end users in the units user mode to adjust Lux levels and brightness to the desired levels.

He adds: “The system is designed to make it easy for end users to configure lighting that allows personal preferences, while being energy efficient. This removes the need for a certified integrator and, in turn, project costs and overheads can be reduced.

“With its ability to significantly reduce energy consumption and indeed the financial savings attached to it, now is the time for installers to rethink their approach to lighting controls and delve straight into DALI.”

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