One in two ventilation contractors and distributors are unaware they are risking ErP compliance, according to a survey conducted by Elta Fans.

Despite installing plate fans and roof cowls together, 53 per cent of contractors surveyed said they did not believe themselves to be system designers. However, by combining these two products, installers are acting as a ‘manufacturer’ in the eyes of the law, and as such, are responsible for ErP compliance.

The figure is similar for ventilation distributors, with 45 per cent of those surveyed unaware of the risk they were taking. The research comes on the back of the latest ErP directives, which obligate everyone in the supply chain to select and supply ventilation equipment with maximum levels of efficiency.

David Millward, product manager at Elta Group, commented: “It is fairly common practice to combine a roof cowl with a separate plate mounted axial fan in order to create a roof fan. The problem with this approach is that without realising it, those supplying and/or installing the ventilation unit (roof fan) are shouldering the responsibility of complying with ErP regulations.”

The misconceptions surrounding responsibility for compliance in the ventilation industry is alarming, given that the ErP directives are designed to ensure delivery of a higher quality of air. As indoor air quality becomes an increasingly important factor in the construction industry, it is crucial that ventilation is meeting regulatory requirements. 

In order to ensure they are not falling foul of ErP compliance, Elta Fans is urging those tasked with delivering ventilation solutions to opt for ready-made roof fan units. Elta Fans’ Skyflow SSRL EC is claimed to be the first ErP compliant low silhouette axial roof fan available on the market, and incorporates an integral potentiometer commission device as standard.

Millward concludes: “The important thing to consider is that ErP compliance effectively ensures delivery of a higher quality of air. Opting for a unit that guarantees results, such as the Skyflow SSRL EC, allows distributors and contractors to ensure customer satisfaction, while avoiding the legal issues of operating as a ‘manufacturer’.”