Cost Centre Services (CCS), based in Norwich with offices in East Anglia and around the UK, has launched a new online energy solution software package for organisations and businesses, which aims to control energy, achieving reduced bills and carbon emissions. 

The new product has come to life using ERDF funding through a Low Carbon KEEP Partnership grant administered by Anglia Ruskin University.

The innovative EnergiPlan+ system is an incredibly user-friendly way for organisations of any size to take control of their energy use, in order to cut costs and reduce carbon emissions.

Making it easy to get started, The Low Carbon KEEP Capital Grant Scheme is offering small and medium sized businesses the opportunity to recoup up to 40% of the cost of buying capital items, such as equipment or software that will help businesses increase efficiency and reduce consumption, making them become more competitive and profitable. To be eligible for The Low Carbon Grant, companies must be based in one of the six East of England counties (Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire). Other grants may be available in other UK regions.

Mr Simon Binks, managing director at CCS said: “With the grant in place, it is now the time for small businesses with limited funds to get on board with this new energy solution. With a design that focuses on speed, EnergiPlan+ is the first software package of its kind to bring professional energy management within the reach of any business, whatever their budget or level of technical expertise.”

With EnergiPlan+, users can now create a detailed inventory of their energy assets, specifying when each one is used, as well as setting targets to monitor progress. Not only that, customers can choose specific equipment upgrades, forecast budgets and manage all aspects of their inventory including PAT tests and servicing.  

Mr Binks added: “Most business owners know exactly what they spend at their premises down to the last paperclip, however, when it comes down to their energy bill they can be unaware of when and how they are using energy. With our new system, it allows the business owner to discover exactly how much they are spending on energy specifics within their offices, down to every individual lightbulb!”

For firms who are struggling to manage their energy use with paper records, multiple spreadsheets, or sometimes nothing at all, EnergiPlan+ is both a revelation and a breath of fresh air. The system is also capable of ISO 50001 certification, making it fully compliant with ESOS regulations.

The Global Certification Body NQA’s regional assessor Andrew Bradshaw commented: Cost Centre Services has successfully implemented a fully electronic ISO 50001 Energy Management System, which compiles a very comprehensive database of all their electrical office assets. With a breakdown of the energy consumed, it ensures that the company’s energy consumption is effectively monitored to support continual improvement and to meet all the requirements of legislation and the standard.”

This radical new approach is accessible anytime, anywhere via computer, tablet or mobile and has been specifically designed for businesses that do not have the time or resources to dedicate to reducing energy.

Mr Binks concluded: “With more and more people ‘working on the go’, it was fundamental for us to create a system that was accessible at any time of day, no matter the location. Our mission is to bring real and focused energy savings to businesses of all sizes every day! With EnergiPlan+ companies will have no excuse not to start reducing carbon missions.”

The team at CCS offer full support with every aspect of the EnergyPlan+ system, from initial build of the inventory, to helping clients get the most out of the system on a day-to-day basis.