Electrical wholesaler, Newey & Eyre, has added more to its lighting control offer to meet the ever-changing needs of the modern market.

Included in the range are CP Electronics’ minus 30OC presence detectors; a technology designed to ensure that lighting in refrigeration and other cold storage environments, is only used as needed.

Depending on the operating scenario energy savings of up to 40% may be achieved simply by using motion sensors to automatically switch lighting as it’s needed.

There is also Danlers’ incredibly easy-to-install ControlZAPP range of stand-alone PIR occupancy switches, which have multiple functions and are all programmable by Android mobile phone or tablet. Furthermore, the EX-OR LightSpot HD range of sensors has also been introduced, offering class-leading sensitivity with macro and micro detection, lens tilting and automatic detection of DALI and DSI digital dimming type luminaires, reducing installation and commissioning time.

And it doesn’t end there. Lutron’s Energi TriPak range of wireless energy-saving products has also been added to Newey & Eyre’s offering, featuring Radio Powr Savr sensors, Pico controls and PowPak load controllers. Plus, a brand new range of Zano ZBARLED multi-point dimming packs has been launched, providing a low cost solution for two-way and intermediate dimming of any dimmable LED or mains dimmable lamps, drivers or transformers up to 1000W. The ZBARLED packs can be controlled from up to 32 Zano rotary controllers, or alternatively by any retractive switches.

Finally, Hager’s new klik lighting control modules (LCM) are available, which enable the control of an area with up to four different control groups. Each group of outputs can control standard switched and/or digital dimmable (DALI/DSI) luminaires.

Kevin Norman, senior product marketing manager at Newey & Eyre, commented: “We pride ourselves on offering customers with local access to technologies – and first.

“These recent additions constitute the latest advances in lighting control technology for installers working in all disciplines. The Danlers ControlZAPP , Ex-Or Lightspot, Hager klik LCM and Lutron Energi Tri-Pak products, for example, are easy to install and set up using wireless control – reducing installation time while simultaneously increasing end-users functionality and energy saving capability.”

“As the green agenda heightens and more consumers seek to save energy, these products offer new solutions, hassle-free installation, advanced control and huge energy saving for the end-user.”