Weidmüller has launched a one-stop-shop industrial ink-jet printer that, as standard, can print high quality colour markers made of stainless steel, aluminium and polyamide for the identification of terminals cables and devices within electrical installations. The printer can be used in continuous process applications and is synonymous with economical, high quality and environmentally-friendly printing. The complete marking solution from Weidmuller includes printing and marking systems as well as printer software with CEA/CAD interfaces.

The PrintJet ADVANCED is able to print 6,000 markers in just 45 minutes. It is environmentally friendly in that, in terms of the balance between consumption, emissions and efficiency, it delivers an unbeatable commercial marking solution. The ink-jet printer uses water-based inks with integrated thermal fixing and offers print qualities of 600 or 1200 dpi. . The use of these environmentally-friendly inks means that empty ink cartridges do not have to be disposed of as hazardous waste.

In addition, the integrated, self-adjusting thermal fixing of the PrintJet ADVANCED ensures ease of maintenance, cost-savings and longevity. It offers surface sealing that is qualitatively very stable and makes markers for the industrial environment that are extremely resistant and durable. The metal markers in particular have proved to be highly resistant to many different chemicals, cleaning agents and UV emissions. The thermal fixing produces a high-definition, high-quality print result and unlike other processes, does not emit any damaging ozone into the atmosphere.

Weidmüller has placed a lot of importance on process stability and the highly automated printer can be operated around the clock, thanks to its high-quality mechanical, sensor and electronic components as well as operating stand-alone. This means that, even without a direct software connection, the PrintJet ADVANCED can be deployed locally as a “one-stop-shop” printer as its stand-alone function and embedded PC, pre-configured print jobs can be processed directly through the USB interface or loaded from USB stick, as required. In summary, it can be deployed and put into service immediately, at any location without having to spend valuable time monitoring the printing process or investing in additional hardware.

The PrintJect ADVANCED has full plug and play functionality and delivers excellent print quality. It can be used to print coloured or black markings for protection classes IP20 or IP67, including warning symbols or data matrix codes. An embedded PC means that jobs can be implemented quickly because the necessary software components and standard layouts are pre-installed. In just one operational sequence, with one printer and one software application, a user can create standards-compliant industrial markings in practically all areas of industry.

The 4.7″ TrueColor TFT Touch Panel, which can be tilted and swivelled, is designed to maximise ease of use and simplifies working processes significantly. The intuitive operator front-end reduces the complexity of the printing process and operators achieve their results in just a few steps. 28 languages are pre-installed in the multilingual printer, enabling unrestricted use of the “PrintJet ADVANCED” around the world.

The printer and M-Print® PRO labelling software require Microsoft Windows® 7, VISTA or XP. The Windows-based “M-Print® PRO” printer software from Weidmüller not only makes the new printer easy to operate, it also enables marking tasks to be tailored to meet specific wishes and requirements.  

As well as the “PrintJet ADVANCED” printer itself, the delivery scope also includes an inlay, power and USB cables, an output rail, an “M-Print® Pro” software DVD, a quick guide and operating manual, a DEK 5/5 MultiCard and ten CC-M 85/54 K MetalliCards. The ink cartridges and the ink collecting tray are installed in the printer.


About Weidmüller:

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