Industrial water filtration specialists Industrial Purification Systems (IPS) has launched its multi-functional filtration controller which can be fitted to a number of water filtration technologies.

Called the AC-5 filtration controller, this labour saving device offers the water filtration system operator the advantages of a fully automated onsite water filtration system together with communication for remote operation and monitoring.

With many OEM users having to add up the cost of bespoke control manufacturing and costly software purchases, the AC-5 goes one step further than most other automatic controllers by giving operators a sophisticated level of functionality as well as data logging.

The AC-5 filtration controller is capable of operating up to two pumps (2x 240vac 10 am relays), up to five valves (5 x 24vac 2amp relays) and provide multi-functional backwash cycles.

The control will initiate a backwash cycle after reaching a predetermined time and day or by a timed interval or by receiving a signal from the pressure differential switch indicating a dirty filter condition.  All of the functions can be operated and monitored remotely.

This competitively priced control is enclosed in flame retardant IP55 rated material. It is also very user friendly having a backlit 2 line display and just three function buttons.

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