Juice Technology AG, producer of electric charging stations and software and market leader in portable charging stations for electric vehicles, is expanding its business activities to the Anglo-Saxon world and founding the subsidiary Juice UK and Ireland Ltd headquartered in London.

“The juice is already there: all you have to do is make it accessible.” With this bold slogan, the successful Swiss technology company now seeks to win over the electric mobility markets in the British Isles. This market entry marks a systematic continuation of Juice’s expansion strategy. Christoph Erni, CEO and founder of Juice Technology AG, is staunchly confident: “The electric mobility revolution is an established fact. Making it quick and easy for people to make the switch will take not only stationary charging stations such as the JUICE CHARGER me, but portable wallbox units, too – like our JUICE BOOSTER 2. As an established player in the industry for nearly eight years now, Juice is able to offer skilled expertise and proven Swiss quality.”

Portable wallboxes densify the charging network

The number of public charging stations in the United Kingdom tripled in 2021. Across Great Britain today there are 28,000 public charge points for electric vehicles, 5,100 of which offer DC charging. When you include the charging infrastructure installed in private households and at companies, the nation has almost 250,000 charge points at its disposal. The British government plans to create an additional 145,000 charge points every year, and from 2022 every new or newly renovated building is to be equipped with charge points. The goal is to promote decarbonisation and accelerate the switch to electric vehicles.

In spite of this, establishing comprehensive, broad-scale charging infrastructure will take some time yet. Yet, for a daily recharge good for 30 to 40 km it’s not necessary anyway to drive to a public charging station to tank up. Plugging your e-car in at your employer during the day or overnight at home is enough. For one thing, how long you charge isn’t relevant in such scenarios, and more frequent, slow AC charging also conserves your battery. Portable wallboxes close gaps in the charging network by enabling you to charge precisely there where your car is parked anyway for certain periods of time. Ever wider use of such units can make the switch to electric mobility faster and more flexible and economical.

The best charging solution is the one close at hand

The JUICE BOOSTER 2 enables safe and reliable charging even from conventional 3-pin household socket outlets. This portable wallbox meets all applicable standards, as confirmed by the independent authorised technical inspection agency TÜV SÜD, who are experienced in electric mobility. This gives customers the certainty that they’re using a safe and reliable device. This 3-in-1 charger has numerous safety features such as earth monitoring, a DC residual-current device, and a patented temperature monitoring system installed directly in the plug pins.

Juice places importance on delivering the solutions best fit to meet the needs of its customers. This is why the company offers its broad range of charging solutions – from portable AC and DC chargers and charging accelerators for single-phase charging e-cars to smart, stationary charging stations for customers on both sides of the Irish Sea.

Juice Technology AG enjoys worldwide presence at multiple locations with its own branch offices, subsidiaries and partner companies, and also has a global network of resellers at its disposal. The company’s in-house workforce meanwhile numbers 200 employees active in development, production, marketing, sales and logistics. The Juice Group is now expanding to include Juice UK and Ireland Ltd.