IPS systems enhance your GRID electrical supply by incorporating bespoke medical isolation transformers that provide safe, clean electrical isolation for ALL critical medical operations.

Medical Isolation Transformers provide the electrical isolation needed for every IPS system to operate correctly and efficiently, ensuring Power Continuity, trusted and reliable. Single-phase transformers are available with a rated output of between 0.5 – 10 kVA inclusive.


The ideal medical solution, complete package, comprises everyIPS system fully optimised for energy efficiency comes with a LIFE TIME warranty as standard within our service and maintenance contracts. That’s an annual service, All Parts and Life Time warranty all within our Platinum ‘inclusive ‘Maintenance Contract. Peace of Mind from Power Continuity IPS systems.

We install every Isolated Power System, along with effective equipotential earthing, that provides enhanced electrical safety by eliminating the possibility of tripped MCBs caused by a single earth fault and therefore ensures that the installed UPS and generator backup, are able to provide continuous clean, safe, reliable power continuity to all your critical medical sockets

Built into each IPS System, is an integrated TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol) so that all IPS information is visible across your hospital intranet. Power Control 24/7 accessible from any site monitor allowing your engineering facilities ‘eyes on the ground’.


Power Loss Prevention protects all electrical devices from being inoperable or overwhelmed during a power outage. Power Continuity design & Install bespoke engineered automatic NO Break power protection systems to ensure 100% power loss prevention & supplementation. Ensuring your infrastructure is always operational 24/7 – Peace of mind is Power Continuity

Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) with Backup Generator installations up to 10 megawatts , assured installations for Genuine Power Continuity.

Whether Battery based static UPS system, Multiple UPS or DRUPS rotary fly wheel UPS, Power Continuity design and install and maintain and monitor all their installations across the UK.

From Hospital to Banks, Data Centres to Production facilities, Power Continuity power loss prevention, protects 100%. 24/7/365


At Power Continuity, we turn your concept into 3D visualisations ready for design sign off. Then we proceed to the build stages in preparation for the delivery & positioning at site, followed by the installation, all carried out by our own ‘in house’ engineers.
Your automatic NO Break power protection installed solution, from conception to implementation for total 100% power loss prevention.


Power Continuity Engineers, operate everyday of the year, power protecting the most well known companies in the UK.

Time to install the best Power Continuity available to ensure your critical surgery doesn’t ever lose power.

Power Continuity designs the best automatic power protection systems in the UK from concept through to implementation.

With over 25 years’ experience, of NO Break Power Protection, look no further for 100% Power Continuity.

It has to be Power Continuity Ltd.



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