Following the news that the government plans to roll out £635m to boost energy efficiency across public buildings, Kas Mohammed, VP of Digital Energy at Schneider Electric UKI, said:

“Decarbonising buildings, responsible for 40% of the planet’s total greenhouse gas emissions, is a crucial step to tackle climate change. There is a clear desire for this overhaul to happen and investments like the one announced today can result in considerable savings of both money and carbon. This is even more poignant in a time when the energy crisis continues to affect individuals and businesses.

“It’s great to see the emphasis be put on efficiency, as 30% of building power usage goes to waste. For too long the focus has been on the switch to renewables – which, whilst important, has limited benefits if our buildings continue to waste energy at the current rate.

“Tracking and measuring our energy consumption with smart technology is an open goal for creating efficient public buildings. Smart buildings, bristling with IoT sensors, can offer real-time data analytics and insights, allowing public sector facilities decision-makers to spend more wisely, whilst improving occupant experience.”