Never thought that Russia would invade the Ukraine? Never thought that Russia would attack a Nuclear Power Station? Never thought that there would be a war in Europe ever again? Does all this make you feel safer or more anxious about your power supplies? How can you guarantee power continuity in these turbulent times? Power Continuity explains…

This war puts pressure on our infrastructure – whether we’re paying a higher price for electricity or thinking about the security of supply. Power Stations need fuel; and some of the fuel for these Power Stations comes from Russia. Madness. Why?

Being dependent on irrational nations for power. You couldn’t make this up. 

Who do you Trust?

Worried about the risk of lost production, crashed servers, corrupted data, burnt out inverters, transformer failure, GRID overload, harmonic distortion, vandalism & terrorist actions, and now real war? We need Power Continuity!

Power Continuity Engineers will prevent power outage disruption forever. How do we do that? By Installing a Power Continuity fully automatic NO Break power supply system. 

Firstly, we carry out a detailed power survey to identify your power risks. Secondly we design, from the ground up, your bespoke automatic, fully installed, Power Continuity System to ensure that, after installation, external power outages will never again cause your site operational issues. Total Power Continuity 24 hours/365 days of the year.

Critical Power Solutions

Power Continuity provides Critical Power Solutions for all mission critical business operations that require absolutely 100% Total NO Break Power uninterruptible power protection solutions, 24 hours a day. All Power Continuity installations are automatically activated in the event of a GRID failure, providing seamless emergency power to ensure your operations continue without any power disruption. 100% No Break in power.

PowerContinuity also prevents damage to your equipment caused by sudden voltage drop and power outages. These can totally screw up production lines when power surge spikes ‘knock’ out software and robotics lines. Critical Power Solutions Installations from Power Continuity give peace of mind.

Critical Power Protection Solutions from PowerContinuity are LIVE 24-7.

NO Break Critical Power Protection Solutions installed, guarantees power continuity for your critical systems.

Power Continuity Eliminates Power Dips – Yes, these do happen regularly. Power Continuity can stamp these out forever – total power protection. 

100% Automatic Power Protection Systems for TRUE 24/7 Power Continuity. That’s why we are Power Continuity. Bespoke trademarked Power Continuity Generators & UPS systems that work every time, 365 days a year.

 Power Continuity eliminates Brown outs too – Yes, they do happen too, especially during the winter months. These have the same impact as Power Dips. We at Power Continuity will prevent them, once and for all.

We service and maintain all our UPS systems and Diesel Generators with our own nationwide trained engineers. On call 24 hours a day.

Power Continuity can ensure True NO Break Power for your production facility, data centre, laboratory, aerospace facility, by designing a bespoke PowerContinuity System. These always consist of Uninterruptible Power Systems supported by our own build diesel generators with fuel tanks & fuel filtration.

Power Continuity is our name and Power Continuity are our solutions.

True NO BREAK Power Protection ‘kicks in’ automatically to prevent any loss of production. As well as this, Power Continuity will also eliminate ALL and EVERY disruption caused by random power dips, spasmodic brown outs, over voltages, as well as under voltages. 

We design, build and install UPS systems backed up by rapid start diesel generators = Power Continuity.

Power Continuity