The new Remeha Quinta Ace 160 high-efficiency wall-hung boiler is ticking all boxes for the Orders of St John Care Trust (OSJCT) as the field trial of this small but powerful boiler draws to a close at two of its care homes.

Providing reliable heating is a major consideration for all building operators, but for care home operators it’s a key priority due to the vulnerable nature of their elderly residents. The high demand for heating and hot water in care homes requires a robust, high efficiency solution that will reduce energy costs and ensure continuous service.

This is a fact that the Orders of St John Care Trust understands only too well, as the operator of 70 care homes throughout the UK. So when the heating began to prove unreliable at two of its care homes, OSJCT facilities manager Graham Hipwell moved quickly to replace the faulty boilers. His first port of call was Remeha as he knew the company and was impressed with its products and service.

Coincidentally, Remeha was due to start field trials on its new Quinta Ace 160, the compact, high output wall-hung condensing boiler that completes Remeha’s market-leading Quinta range. OSJCT agreed to participate in the programme, with contractors Spa Gas installing the test units at Athelstan House care home in Malmesbury and Coombe End Court in Marlborough.

“The timing was perfect,” said Mr Hipwell. “We were delighted to take part in the field trials, particularly as the boiler replacements were premature and therefore unscheduled. That said, we were clearly mindful of the absolute need to provide continuous heating for the benefit and safety of our residents. Fortunately, it all went extremely well.”

The decision was taken to install the Quinta Ace 160 as the lead boiler with two Quinta Pro boilers providing backup support as a precautionary measure. Following a smooth installation by Spa Gas, the Quinta Ace 160 boilers proved capable of providing the entire heat load for both care homes. The high performing Quinta Ace 160 has run over 3,200 hours at Athelstan House in under five months, an impressive total that is equivalent to an entire season’s operation in any other building.

Plant rooms can come in all shapes and sizes, with awkward access and space restrictions two common obstacles for contractors during boiler installations. The small and mighty Remeha Quinta Ace 160 provides a winning solution to these challenges, offering improved ease of installation and increased flexibility of plant room design.

Commenting on the design, Mr Hipwell said: “The Quinta Ace 160 is extremely compact which helps make installation quick and easy. Its small dimensions were particularly helpful at Athelstan House where it fitted well into the plant room despite the tight space restrictions.”

With the trial now complete, would Mr Hipwell recommend the Remeha Quinta Ace 160 to fellow facilities managers?

“I already have!” was Mr Hipwell’s swift response. “The Quinta Ace 160 is a great boiler – it’s really robust and reliable and can fit into the smallest of spaces. A compact, high output wall-hung boiler like the new Quinta Ace 160 gives you more design options and greater flexibility.”    

Production Quinta Ace 160 boilers have now replaced the field trial units at the two care homes. In a win-win solution, the elderly residents can continue to enjoy reliable, high performance heating and hot water while Mr Hipwell and the OSJCT can look forward to the prospect of reduced operating costs for years to come.

The new Remeha Quinta Ace 160 is available from 4 July 2016. For more information, please visit – T: 0118 978 3434 – E: