GoodWe, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of solar inverter and battery technology, is ramping up activity in the UK with new products for 2022 and a strengthened team.

Alongside its already-established inverters, GoodWe is bringing to the UK a new series of low and high wattage batteries in 2022 later this year, as well as new utility scale inverters.

The new batteries mean GoodWe has a solution for almost every application, from new build and retrofit through to utility scale solar farms, and installers have everything they need all under one supplier.

Greg Rhymes, Sales Manager at GoodWe UK, said: “Our aim is to provide a complete solution for UK solar installers from inverter and battery technology through to warranty and technical support. We believe that the UK market is going to grow rapidly in the coming years and we want to be ready to support that growth.”

Established in 2010 in China, GoodWe is now an internationally recognised brand in the photovoltaics (PV) market, with 27 locations worldwide and a global turnover of $150m annually. With inverters ranging from 0.7kW to 250kW, the global manufacturer provides energy storage solutions for residential, commercial and industrial installations.

To support its UK growth strategy the company is now setting up an EMEA marketing team in the UK, appointing Eugene Lucarelli as its head of marketing.Alongside, GoodWe is adding six people to its technical team to help installers with design and specification.

At a time when demand for solar projects and solar power installers is growing, we are expanding our team and products to help assist with this transition,” says Mr Rhymes. We aim to support installers not just with our years of technical expertise, but also by providing them with ground-breaking, turnkey systems that are compatible with each other to ensure maximum efficiency from day one.”

Mr Rhymes points to the government’s recent Heat and Buildings Strategy as proof that the market for solar is returning. “The public are quickly finding out that other renewable solutions like ground- and air source heat pumps are cost and space prohibitive. That’s why solar is quickly returning as a cost-effective option that will only continue as the price of gas and electricity continues to rise.” said Rhymes. “Forus, battery technology is the real game-changer allowing consumers to generate their own electricity and store it for a relatively small up-front investment.

Meanwhile, for commercial and industrial production, we can calculate the production rate of solar farms down to below 1%. Unlike wind farms, which is wholly dependent on weather, this makes solar the most reliable source of renewable energy and a viable alternative to fossil-fuel powered power stations.”