Hellidon Lakes Golf and Spa Hotel, part of QHotels’ collection of 21 hotels across the UK, has used the services of BG Energy Solutions to overhaul the dysfunctional BMS in its boiler house. The project has restored control over factors such as heating and air conditioning, and introduced new energy efficencies into the business.

Located near the village of Hellidon, some 10 km southeast of Daventry in Northamptonshire, the 106-bedroom, 24-meeting room Hellidon Lakes Golf and Spa Hotel recently tackled a long-standing issue with its heating system.

“We had a problem with the controls in our boiler house to the extent that heating in some parts of the hotel was not working,” explained Steve Inwood, the recently appointed maintenance manager at the facility. “When I arrived the Trend BMS wasn’t operational which meant we were using manual on/off valves, which wasn’t the most convenient way of working.” Mr Inwood went to the market to attain quotes for work that would see the BMS up and running once more. However, set in 220 acres of rolling countryside he described the hotel’s location as “remote”, a factor he thinks was responsible for a poor response to his request. However, one company, BG Energy Solutions, was willing to do the work.

“BG Energy Solutions were enthusiastic, efficient and very responsive,” said Mr Inwood. “We wanted to get this sorted as quickly as possible in order to provide a better service to our guests and BG Energy Solutions understood this. They came along, reviewed the situation and provided an accurate quotation to complete the necessary work, and the timescale involved.”

BG Energy Solutions spent three days on site at Hellidon Lakes Golf and Spa Hotel. They updated the Trend BMS, which controlled the heating and air conditioning in the main conference room, bar and lounge, golf changing rooms and reception.

“BG Energy Solutions had to start at the BMS end of the system with the PC board and control panel, which feeds various valves and actuators – in fact one actuator had to be replaced,” explained Mr Inwood. “They also had to check the whole system via point-to-point recommissioning. The project was like a reinstall.”

A range of BMS front ends can be serviced by BG Energy Solutions, including Trend, Delta, TAC, Andover, York and Siemens. In fact, the company offers a full maintenance bureau service if required, whereby a managed maintenance programme, incorporating service contracts and remote bureau subscriptions tailored to needs, eliminates unforeseen costs and ensures peace of mind.

“The system is user friendly and offers so much more control now,” said Mr Inwood. “If the main conference room is not being used, for example, the heating can be switched off for that particular space. Or if it’s going to be used for three days in the week, we can program the system accordingly. Our corporate social responsibility is extremely important to us at QHotels. This new solution delivers significant energy savings to the hotel. In fact, in January, we were top of the league for energy savings among the 21 QHotels.”