The Flogas Group will be outlining its future growth plans at October’s World LP Gas Forum and supporting the LPG industry as it showcases the fuel’s bright future.
Following an acquisitive 2012, the Flogas Group now operates across five key European hubs – Flogas Britain, Flogas Ireland, Benegas (Flogas Netherlands & Belgium), Flogas Sweden and Flogas Norway. As Henry Cubbon, managing director of Flogas Group explains, the forthcoming World LP Gas Forum & AEGPL Congress in London is a timely opportunity to further build awareness of the Group’s strengthened capabilities:.
“We share the delight of the WLPGA that the Princess Royal has accepted the invitation to officially open the 26th World LP Gas Forum & 2013 AEGPL Congress, the premier global event in the LP Gas industry, at The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, Westminster, on Wednesday, 2nd October.
“This reinforces how globally-prominent the event is and that LP Gas is at a real turning point – both globally and in the UK. The industry is seeing increasing worldwide supply from the US, Russia, the Middle East and Africa and growing recognition of the fuel’s cleaner burning credentials.  Thanks to our strengthened international reach, we are especially excited by the opportunities that this brings us, and we are looking forward to talking to the global audience that this event unlocks. WLPG Forum London 2013 gives us the platform to showcase the financial and environmental benefits of switching to LPG, as well as explore new openings to forge further industry partnerships in Europe, South America, East Asia and beyond.”
Flogas will be demonstrating its commitment to the LPG industry by actively supporting a number of speaker and social events at the Forum. It will also be hosting a series of presentations to reinforce how it has built a reputation for acting as a business partner for energy, not merely a supplier of LPG. Key members of the technical and sales teams will be sharing the service and technical standards that are helping Flogas to meet the ever changing demands of domestic and commercial customers.
Cubbon adds: “This event provides a unique meeting of technical and authoritative minds, which creates a highly vibrant environment to access developments across our industry. Those who already work with us will know that we are passionate about the technical progress taking place across the LPG industry. We picked up valuable learnings from the Madrid 2010 WLPGA event and have already incorporated new products discovered at the Exhibition into our business development, so are looking forward to this year’s gathering.”