Electrical wholesaler Newey & Eyre has taken steps to achieve significant savings on energy bills at one of its flagship branches.

It is a well recognised fact that lighting is one of the main areas where savings can be made on energy usage, particularly for companies with large warehouses and storage spaces. Such areas generally need to be properly illuminated for most of the time for operational purposes and overall safety reasons, and therefore lighting tends to be left on for long periods of time.

Keen to save energy and to reduce fuel bills at the Birmingham facility, branch manager Robin Weaving called in Newey & Eyre’s to undertake a full review of the lighting provision and make recommendations.  A total of 32 x 150W LED high bay and 16 x 80W LED low bay fittings were selected and installed at the branch. The team’s assessment projected that the lighting bill will reduce from £7,603.60 to £2,031.41, providing a saving of £5,572.20 per year when comparing annual running costs with the previous lighting arrangement.

As well as saving on fuel bills, installing the latest products and equipment will reduce maintenance time and in turn, cost. The new lamps offer an average life of 60,000 hours each, translating into anticipated savings of £79,935.55 on lamp life for the installation.