The important role LED lighting can play in efforts to reduce energy consumption was high on the agenda at the recent Kent Environment Strategy Conference.

Held at East Malling Conference Centre on 18th September, the conference was attended by senior figures from local authorities, public and private sector organisations and other interested parties.

They heard from Ashley Bateup, managing director of 8point, based at SusCon in Dartford, a company which designs and manufactures bespoke LED light fittings which are aimed at replacing inefficient forms of lighting such as fluorescent tubes which are found extensively across both public and private sector buildings.

With the UK facing an energy gap as old coal fired and nuclear power stations near their decommissioning dates, Bateup emphasised that artificial lighting accounts for 25% of the global electricity consumption and that a move to LED lighting would significantly reduce this figure.

However, he warned that organisations needed to be wary when considering a move to LEDs, as with any new, fast developing industry, there are many companies offering inferior, imported products that use low quality LED chips, which fail to provide the performance and benefits afforded by high quality LEDs.

“I was delighted to be invited to speak at the Kent Environment Strategy Conference and to meet people that share the same agenda on the environment and sustainability”, said Bateup. “It is important to continue to educate those interested in embracing energy saving technologies about the significant benefits LED lighting offers, but also about the dangers associated with opting for low cost, low quality, LED solutions – many of which are imported from overseas.

“In any growing sector, you will always get those looking to capitalise on an initial lack of knowledge among consumers for a quick commercial gain. However, the real benefits for both the environment and an organisation’s bottom line can only be reaped through a managed installation of high efficiency LED solutions that meet the lighting requirements, with a long economic life and associated warranties.”