Midlands based WilSon Energy, a leading provider of fully integrated Heating, Metering, Pre-Payment and Billing & Bureau Services for residential homes and commercial developments, has written to the government to request an urgent rethink on heat networks, following the publication of its energy strategy.

Heat Networks (also known as District Heating Schemes) are a rapidly growing part of all multi-tenant developments across the UK as they offer significantly improved safety and environmental performance over localised gas boiler systems.

In a joint letter to the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), the Minister for Energy, Clean Growth and Climate Change and Minister for Housing, WilSon Energy’s managing director, Andy Wilkinson, sets out the benefits of district heating systems to unlock the long-term potential of shared energy to reduce both costs and emissions.

Andy comments: “Like many others, we feel that Government has missed an opportunity to take a holistic approach. About one third of energy used in the UK is for heating and hot water, and we fully support that this needs to be greener, cheaper and more reliable.

“While it is positive that the Government has reaffirmed its commitment to supporting heat pumps for individual homes, as these can help make the best use of electricity and reduce energy consumption by 50-60% for the same level of heating. However, much greater savings in electricity demand can be achieved at lower cost by the use of shared or community heat pumps, using ground-source or water-source technology.”

The letter urges government to implement a series of measures including re-introducing subsidies for heat networks using heat pumps and other renewables; changing planning regulations to ensure that heat networks are considered in all new applications; rolling out a landlord and developer education programme on the benefits of shared heating systems in multi-dwelling accommodation, plus extending energy cap protection to all consumers currently on heat networks.

Andy Wilson concludes: “The opportunities for shared heating infrastructure are huge, especially in redevelopment and decarbonisation of existing buildings into apartments and in integrated housing developments. There are also major opportunities in industrial and commercial applications. We believe the government needs to reconsider its approach to unlock the long-term potential of shared energy to reduce both costs and emissions.”

To read the full letter visit: https://wilsonenergy.co.uk/information/news/energy-secretary-urged-to-reconsider-heat-networks-as-integral-to-energy-strategy.