A 250,000kWh annual saving and DALI compatibility are being achieved as a result of a recent installation of OSRAM LINEAR light POWER Protect Flex LED Tape at Manchester Airports.

As the UK’s third busiest airport in terms of traveller numbers in 2011, Manchester Airport maintains a vigilant eye on every aspect of its infrastructure to ensure that both passenger and commercial expectations are fully satisfied.

A recent lighting upgrade in the arrivals and departures areas of Terminal 2 is a case in point. Demanding self imposed energy targets prompted airport officials to search for a new lighting solution that would enable a 40% reduction in consumption. The existing fluorescent tube trough lighting was no longer up to the job, so project technician Jonathan Beswick initiated the search for an alternative that would deliver effective illumination at a fraction of the energy cost.

These investigations led to OSRAM and, in time, a specification based around 1.2km of OSRAM LINEAR light POWER Protect Flex LED Tape and Optotronic LED electronic control gear (ECG). As well as offering energy saving capabilities, the tape is also conducive to aesthetically sensitive installations – pictured here deployed for cove and accent lighting around the walls, as well as drop-downs from the ceiling.

Jonathan Beswick who carried out all compliance and performance testing for the new fit-out – was struck by several key benefits of the prospective OSRAM solution. A five year warranty and payback time of less than three years helped to make a strong financial case in the short term. In the longer term, a reduction in load requirements of more than 50% – the 250,000kWh annual saving delivered by the OSRAM solution held the promise of dramatic energy savings while continuing to satisfy CIBSE stipulated illumination levels.

The OSRAM solution, which satisfies the UK government Enhanced Capital Allowances Scheme for tax relief on energy efficient technology investments, also impressed the team with its durable and easy to install design. “The tape comes with an adhesive backing tape to mount the product onto existing metalwork, whilst due to its flexibility, it can be manipulated around bends without diminishing the desired effect – namely a continuous run of light with no shadows or dark spots. It is also robust, with an IP rating of 67,” observed Beswick.

“To obtain maximum efficiencies out of our lighting system and allow us to achieve dynamic control of our lighting levels, we aim to control the new OSRAM LED lights through an intelligent lighting control system,” explained Beswick. “The combination of OSRAM LEDs and the intelligence and functionality provided by the Optotronic LED control gear will allow us to dim the lights when illumination is not required or when the sunlight is sufficient to illuminate the areas. Thereby, we are negating the need to consume power for lighting when it is not required.”

In a forthcoming second stage of work due next year, the airport’s technical team plans to deploy the DALI enabled T2 lighting control system to further optimise its use of lighting in a wide variety of conditions. A significant advantage of the OSRAM LINEAR light POWER Protect Flex LED Tape is that it is compatible with the DALI open standard for digital control of lighting.

Celebrating the savings return, this second stage offers an additional 100,000kWh energy saving to the initial saving of 250,000kWh delivered by the lighting.

Back in the present, the technical team has received positive feedback from customers and internal stakeholders to the OSRAM installation, which was carried out by the airport’s incumbent lighting maintenance contractor, DC Emergency Systems, over a period of four months.

“As Manchester Airport has been discovering through the enthusiastic response to its latest lighting upgrade, the OSRAM LINEAR light POWER Protect Flex LED Tape is versatile and highly durable,” said Karen Cawley, national account manager at OSRAM. “In addition, DALI compatibility means that it is entirely complementary to the energy efficient control solutions we are witnessing in an increasing number of large scale public and private facilities. This impressive project shows that Manchester Airport has acknowledged all of these benefits, and as a result it has a lighting solution that is both fit for the present and ready for the future.”