Power Continuity, automatic 24/7 power solutions provide peace of mind for any mission critical business operations. Installed NO Break Power Systems ensure seamless emergency power without interruption. External Catastrophic Electrical incidents won’t affect your company because you’re covered 24/7.

Reliable Standby Emergency Power Solutions
We design and build our own generators as well as install the whole operational system with our own engineers. Ground works, bespoke power rooms, containerised data centres, in fact every component of the journey is handled by our own trained teams who together have over 25 years of ‘in the field’ front line experience, power protecting the biggest names in the UK.
If a diesel engine fails to start what does it mean?
We advise N+N installations for any critical site as even the best generator could have an unexpected issue. Should a diesel engine generator fail to start, it can be for a number of reasons.
Foremost, would be lack of service & maintenance. It may seem a way of saving money, but if you cut out regular maintenance, your generator will suffer and, in the end, let you down. Secondly, check for LOW oil level or LOW fuel levels. Lastly check for leaks. Lack of coolant would cause a generator to fail to start. A Generator is for life not just for Christmas. The correct generator installation is crucial.
How to maintain a diesel engine/generator?
We recommend following the manufacturers instructions. Always carry out a weekly OFF load test to ensure the generator starts up as well as looking for any anomalies around the engine & acoustic canopy. Secondly, carry out a monthly ON BUILDING LOAD test to prove the system will both start and support the site during a power outage. Let the diesel generator run for at least 30 minutes with load or longer.
This removes the concept of ‘fingers crossed’ and hope for the best.
Power Continuity Engineers will service & maintain your emergency standby diesel generator to ensure that it will prevent power outage disruption forever.
Each system is a fully automatic, power protection solution.
Once installed we will be able to eliminate ALL and ANY disruptions providing real Business Continuity. A maintained generator is a wise investment.
Why is a diesel generator important?
True NO Break Power Protection Solutions requires an installed uninterruptible power supply, called a UPS system. That’s fine for any short power outage but for real reliable electrical power we always recommend being backed up with a diesel generator. This is most important as you can refuel continuously a generator ensuring your emergency power solution can run for hours, days or even weeks. OFF Grid power in your own control.
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Whether it’s your production facility, data centre, laboratory, aerospace facility, or distribution centre, PowerContinuity System give you peace of mind knowing that 24 hours a day your 100% Automatic Power Protection System will provide TRUE 24/7 Business Continuity.
For real 100% NO BREAK Power Protection Solutions 
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Reliable Standby Emergency Power Solutions
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