Power Continuity will eliminate the pain of lost production caused by unpredictable power dips, brown outs and overvoltages forever.


Winter is with us, demanding more power from a constrained GIRD supply, all stacks up to create the setting for the ‘power Hiccup” where the delicate balance between power and capacity, turns into the financial nightmare of production loss.


Brown outs? Yes they do happen especially during the winter months. Even the smallest micro brownout is enough to push any robotic production out of sequence. Re-setting takes time and lost production.


Over voltage? Yes, just as bad as brown outs and another free gift from the GRID. Production is lost because over voltage knocks out machinery.


Power Continuity can ensure the power into your production facility is resilient by designing & installing dual power protection supplies with both an A Feed & B Feed. That’s just the start of our journey together.


Power Continuity engineers carry out hundreds of site surveys every year to confirm the operational status of production facilities to expose whether they are robust enough to withstand power disruption without losses.


Commonly, companies expect their facilities management to jump and fix every issue in the production facility, wherever and whenever they occur, without first checking their GRID supply to ascertain whether the issue is external rather than internal. Experience tells us that having a Power Continuity Protection System installed ensures smooth, seamless stable power will dramatically reduce the work of Facilities’ management.

Prevention is better than cure – Failure isn’t an option, but it can happen. Power Continuity can and will eliminate your power problems – forever.

Power Continuity engineers can carry out an even more thorough full site investigation, including thermal imaging and mains failure tests. We can even create ‘up to date’ electrical schematics to ensure that your facilities aren’t left shifting through out of date data. Power Continuity can upgrade your power protect systems to ensure your production facility remains LIVE and Operational. 24 hours a day. Power Continuity can advise on the clear & present risks and how to mitigate them to ensure 100 per cent production, 24/7/365.


LV Panels can trip out, overheat, breaker failure with age or the most common, ‘lack of maintenance. The silent production ‘killer’ LV mains breaker failure. Any LV panel over 25 years old requires replacement. Power Continuity can design, build and replace LV panels with minimal disruption; Power Continuity Engineers work out of hours and through the night.


Sub Stations upstream can trip out. Floods and vandalism are out of your control, whereas power protection is within your own control. Power Continuity isn’t a luxury, it’s a given.


Had enough lost production in 2018?

Worried about where to find the causes of the problem and where to fix them?

• There are a number of obvious points of concern

• Chiller failure due to aged Chillers struggling to cope with the excessive demand

• LV breakers tripping out due age

HV Breakers tripping out due to faults up stream outside of your site

• Aged UPS or wrongly spec’d UPS can let spikes or brownouts through.

• Lack of maintenance records

• NO up to date Schematics

• NO provision to ride out power dips or over voltages

• Robots stopping mid routine without obvious reason

• Micro Brown outs

• Power Spikes

• Over Voltages


Power Continuity will build, design and install a resilient N+N Uninterruptible Power supported by rapid start Synchronised Generators, with ‘forever- capacity’ fuel tanks to eliminate lost production and keep your profits UP.

The worst culprit tends to be production management itself because they have no complete records or detailed service & maintenance records.


Worst still, financial directors are so removed from the ‘coal face’ that they expect facilities managers to struggle with inadequate budgets hoping that the problem will go away and get the losses buried within the accounts.

Assumption is NO substitute for Power Continuity 24/7.


Lost Production is Lost Profit.

Power Continuity can prevent power losses before they happen.

Uncertain of the risk to your production?


Take a few moments to check ‘is my company at risk’ test by checking out https://powercontinuity.co.uk/business- continuity-health-check/

Power Continuity have decades of installations across the UK , operating 24/7 power protecting the backbone of UK production. We can do the same for you.


MAX OUT your site by increasing production by eliminating power disruption. We install everything ourselves in house. We even witness test the complete system in front of you, installed, with a Power Continuity engineer by your side.


We Design. We build. We Install. No If’s or Buts.  NO BREAK Power Continuity = 100% Production We are Power Continuity

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