EDF Energy will supply almost all public sector bodies in Scotland with 100% renewable electricity after being awarded Scotland’s largest electricity supply contract by annual volume.

The framework agreement will see EDF Energy supply an annual volume of around 2.7TWh of electricity for three years to over 99% of Scotland’s public sector demand, across local authorities, hospitals, schools, most universities and Scottish government buildings.

Over 27,000 sites included in the deal account for roughly ten percent of Scotland’s annual electricity consumption, or the equivalent of powering over 800,000 typical households each year. The contract will begin on April 1st 2013.

Vincent de Rivaz, CEO of EDF Energy, said, “As a large employer in Scotland, we are proud the Scottish government has placed its trust in us to supply power and energy efficiency advice to public services that millions of people depend on every day.

“EDF Energy will be powering a vast range of public buildings across Scotland, including the renowned University of Glasgow and University of Edinburgh, entirely with low carbon electricity from renewable sources.

“Last year, the Government Procurement Service for England and Wales awarded the UK’s largest ever electricity supply contract by annual volume to EDF Energy following a successful tender process.

“EDF Energy now supplies electricity and energy related additional goods, works and services to the NHS, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Justice, Metropolitan Police, London Underground, the Highways Agency and other bodies across central and local government as part of the four year deal.

“Our excellent track record servicing thousands of public sector sites in England and Wales provides confidence that we will deliver a high quality service to our new customers from across the Scottish public sector.”