Diesel Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supplies provide peace of mind for any mission critical business production facility. Kinetic energy stored within the flywheels is discharged instantaneously, ensuring that your facility carries on regardless. Installed NO Break Power Systems ensure seamless emergency power without any interruptions at all. External GRID Power outages won’t affect your company because you’re covered 24/7 by Power Continuity.

Battery FREE Reliable Standby Emergency Power Solutions
Diesel Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supplies don’t rely on Lead Acid Batteries or any Chemical based battery storage for their power source.
Kinetic energy is chemical free. This can be used over and over again as its energy is replaced rapidly unlike batteries that take hours to replenish.
Each Power Continuity Rotary Power installation is supported by a rapid start diesel generator. Therefore, ours are dependable 24/7 power protection systems that can run for hours or even days, your power guaranteed.
Instantaneous Power Protection without batteries or diesel?
All our N+N rotary flywheel installations will support multiple short power outages without any requirement for batteries or diesel generators.
The kinetic energy held within the flywheels will discharge, instantaneously, supporting your critical production site, flawlessly.
In the event of a prolonged power outage, then the support diesel engine generator will start to support the Rotary UPS system ensuring 24/7 power.
Design, Build and Install – Main Contractor
PowerContinuity, design, build our own generators as well as installing the whole operational system with our own engineers. Ground works, bespoke power rooms, containerised data centres, data centre refurbishments.
Conception to implementation, every part of the journey is handled by our own trained teams, who together have over 25 years of ‘in the field’ front line experience, power protecting the biggest names in the UK.
With Power comes Responsibility
GRID Power outages happen and will happen to your site too.
Momentary spikes and brown outs are increasing each month due to harmonic distortions caused by UK reliance on Alternative Energy Sources. Unlike Fossil fuel and Nuclear, these alternatives peak and trough.
Therefore, the responsibility to carry out a weekly OFF load tests as well as monthly ON BUILDING LOAD tests are a necessity. This proves the system will both start and support the site during a power outage. Test & Test again.
At the start of your journey 
Whether it’s your production facility, data centre, laboratory, aerospace facility, or distribution centre, PowerContinuity Systems give you peace of mind knowing, whatever happens, your 100% Automatic Power Protection System will provide TRUE 24/7 Business Continuity.
Please visit – https://powercontinuity.co.uk/critical-power-planning-design/
Throughout your journey and beyond, we’re here to support you!
Power Continuity Engineers will service & maintain your emergency standby diesel generator to ensure that it will prevent power outage disruption forever.
Each system is a fully automatic, power protection solution.
Once installed, we’ll eliminate ALL & ANY GRID disruptions forever, ensuring Business Continuity. 24/7. Power Continuity is our name and our business.
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Uninterruptible Rotary Power Solutions
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