Yesterday, Ofgem announced a record increase in the price of energy bills, taking the average household bill to nearly £2,000. David Hall, Power Systems VP UK & Ireland at Schneider Electric said: “We must not let the record energy price cap increase weaken the appetite for clean power, while investing more in network improvement to power a greener economy.

“As utilities look to invest in upgrading the electrical network to drive net-zero grids by 2035 and simultaneously increase EV charging capacity, they will also be looking to avoid creating upward pressure on the cost of electricity for consumers and businesses who are increasingly conscious of their own carbon footprints.

“Taking action now and harnessing a ‘smarter’ grid to create network efficiencies and smart load balancing while also giving the ability to drivers, home and business owners to earn from their energy surplus could provide an incentive to balance the grid and create a culture of ‘prosumerism’ – a win-win situation.”

Figures from the company show, how even ahead of a price hike, we’re already paying the price for wasting energy.

  • 84% respondents are concerned about rapidly rising energy bills
  • More than a third (30%) of energy consumption in buildings is wasted
  • 32% of UK businesses have already switched to a clean/renewable energy supplier, and 53% plan to do so in the next 2 years
  • 25% of UK businesses claim to have installed a microgrid or renewable power source; with 47% planning to do so in the next 2 years