Colt’s data centre in Wapping, London, has been equipped with ultra efficient Turbomiser chillers from Cool-Therm as part of an upgrade delivering a total of 3.3MW of high efficiency cooling.

The facility, at Princes Court in East London, will be cooled by six of the Turbomiser machines, each rated at 550kW.

The contract was won by Cool-Therm following successful performance tests with Turbomiser at Colt’s Powergate data centre. Monitoring by the client showed that energy consumption fell by 55% following the replacement of existing chillers with Turbomisers.

In addition to more than halving energy costs, Colt says it has benefited from significant reductions in service and maintenance costs.

Following installation of the Turbomisers, the site’s PUE has been reduced by 24%, representing a huge saving in electrical power of 140kW at any one point in time. Over the lifespan of the equipment, it is estimated that Colt will have helped to reduce UK carbon emissions by at least 20,000 tonnes of CO2.

Rob Young, who headed up the project for Cool-Therm, commented, “Taking into account ambient fluctuations, this equates to an annual saving of well over £100,000 a year. This is with fan speed limited to 60% of capacity due to site noise restrictions. If the fans were allowed to run faster using the new adaptive fan speed control, savings would be even greater.”

The award winning Turbomiser chiller was developed by UK-based company Cool-Therm and partners, working in collaboration with Italian manufacturer Geoclima.

Ken Strong, Cool-Therm, managing director, said, “It was a highly competitive project, and Turbomiser was not the lowest cost option on the table. However, the impressive energy savings that have now been proven in the previous Colt installation, plus savings in service costs, proved decisive in winning the contract for Cool-Therm and Turbomiser.”