Erskine, which runs a number of care homes for war veterans across Scotland, has undertaken an installation of RS PRO LED S1 sensor controlled indoor lighting from Steinel. The retro-fit lighting will enable Erskine to slash its electricity consumption and minimise its maintenance burden.

Many of Erskine’s residents are disabled and a large percentage of them have poor vision. This meant that lights were often left on unnecessarily in the en-suite bathrooms at the homes. This seemingly small instance of energy waste began to add-up over the months and years, increasing the organisation’s carbon footprint, while also driving up costs.

Erskine was so concerned about energy consumption that it stipulated in its facilities management contract that energy saving should be a key part of the FM remit. Building support services group, Arthur McKay, which won the contract, immediately set to work identifying the best ways to combat energy waste across all of the Erskine sites.

“Sensor control, to make sure the lighting only remained on when it was strictly needed, plus the low energy consumption of LEDs, seemed like an ideal energy saving solution,” commented David Weir of Arthur McKay. “However, we knew there could be no compromise on health and safety, so we had to be sure that the sensors were highly sensitive.

“For us, that meant sensors that switched on the lights instantaneously and never left anyone in the dark. Our associates, Bradstone Lighting, had worked with Steinel products in the past and recommended them to us.”

Arthur McKay installed Steinel RS PRO LED S1 sensor lights in the en-suite bathrooms of the Erskine Home in Bishopton and the Erskine Mains Home.

“The RS PROs proved very straightforward to install and very effective once in place,” commented Weir. “As soon as you enter the room, they give out instant, neutral, white light, with no start-up curve. Their sleek, slimline design gives a pleasant appearance, which really lifts the Steinel sensor lights above what else is available on the market.”

Another big concern for Erskine and its facilities management company, Arthur McKay, was the growing burden of maintenance costs. “Of course, the energy savings of the RS PROs were the main draw,” said Weir. “However, the long lifespan of the LED lamps – a lifespan which is extended even further by the sensor control that allows lights in the bathrooms to be switched on for much shorter periods – has had a big impact too. It dramatically reduces the need to replace dead lamps and frees-up the facilities managers to carry out more important work elsewhere on the Erskine sites.”

Erskine’s campaign to boost energy efficiency and reduce maintenance outlay didn’t end with installation of the RS PROs. In a bid to also combat energy waste from its outdoor lighting, Erskine has installed Steinel’s XLed sensor controlled LED floodlights on the grounds of its cares homes. The combination of both installations has unlocked important, on-going savings for Erskine – achieving significant reductions in electricity bills, maintenance costs, and CO2 emissions.